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Carpet Joiners

Carpet joiners for all types of carpet joins

Carpet joiners is a term which describes a wide number of products. Other terms used to describe similar products include door thresholds, carpet trim, door bars, floor trims, floor edging, Z bars, naplocks…And so the list goes on! It is not a specific product but refers to all designs which join two sections of carpet, such as in door ways, and joining a carpet to another type of flooring such as floorboards, vinyl or laminate.

The following are popular applications for carpet joiners, all available to purchase on this shopping site and delivered direct to your door

Joining carpet in a doorway

Joining two carpets in a doorway can be achieved using Premier ZZ9, the AL92 or the deluxe option of the Feline 2. All these options include a base gripper section which sits under the carpet and pulls it under tension.

The Premier Double Z is also suitable for joining a carpet to hard floors such as laminate, tiles or stone, as is the Premier SQ, the aluminium AL10, AL Cap It and the deluxe Feline 1.

If you wish to join a carpet to floorboards or vinyl, then you will need a curved edge carpet-joiner, such as the Premier Single 9, AL/ANF or Feline BNF.

To join flooring across a room

Most of the carpet trim products we sell are offered in a choice of lengths up to 2.7m. This means they can be used for creating a transition strip across a room between one type of floor-covering and another and can be butted up, end to end, for requirements over 2.7m.

Plates versus thresholds

A cover plate sits over the surface and covers up a join and there is no gripper base strip underneath the carpet to hold it in place. The Posh and the Premier Cover plate are two popular options.

Carpet joiners that bridge between two different levels of flooring

The invention of Ramps and Two-Way Ramps in the Premier Collection provides an excellent and safe solution to joining two floors which are at slightly different heights. This typically happens during renovations when tiled floors are installed and require a screed underneath.

Finishing edges

We offer a choice of stair nosings and Lips to provide a smart, neat right-angled edge, in a choice of metal finishes and profile sizes.

Self-adhesive options

Some of the floor trims we offer come with a self-adhesive strip and therefore require no other type of fixing to the floor. Most are suitable for joining different styles of hard floors e.g. a wood floor to a ceramic tiled floor. However, the compression ramp is suitable for joining carpets to a hard floor, when they are at different levels.

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