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Measuring Stair Rods

General advice

  • Stair rods are decorative and therefore carpets (or natural flooring) must be secured by another means.
  • When measuring stair rods, it is advisable to check the measurement for each one as steps can vary in width and runners can get wider when turning a corner.
  • Most rods are made-to-measure and are therefore non-returnable; there is a 1% tolerance on all stair rod lengths – please take this into account when ordering.
  • Some rod finials (end pieces) are removable and others are integral to the rod, the latter are normally a better quality of stair rod.
  • If you wish to see a small sample before ordering, then please let us know and we will be happy to send you up to two free samples in the post.
  • Remember, it is standard to fit a stair rod at ground floor level, at the base of the bottom step.

Measuring up stair rods

  • When buying your stair rods it is important that you choose the correct length. Please consider our guidance below.
  • First, decide if your stair carpet (or natural flooring) is a runner or fitted carpet, as this will influence the style of rod you should choose.
  • For fitted carpets, then decide if you prefer Front Fix or Side Fix stair rods.
  • Our on-line shopping site allows you to purchase a wide selection of length of stair rods, depending on the design. However, the Jubilee and Homepride stair rods are supplied in 4 fixed lengths only, which you cut to length at home.

Runner stair rods

When ordering, provide the tip-to-tip measurement of the stair rod or carpet rod: this includes the finials (ends). We recommend the following:

Stair Rod Design Rod Dimension Tip-to-tip measurement
Crystal, Tudor, Vision, PremierBlacksmith, Country collections 12mm (1/2″) 100mm (around 4″) more than the width of the stair runner
Royale range All 150mm (around 6″) more than the width of the stair runner
Eastern Promise, Premier
16mm (⅝”) 125mm (around 5″) more than the width of the stair runner

 Jubilee and Homepride

The above two ranges are supplied in a choice of four fixed lengths only. The finials (end pieces) are attached to the brackets and the rods are supplied loose. You simply cut the rod to length. Choose the appropriate length for the width of your runner.

Front Fix stair rods for fitted carpets

The tip-to-tip measurement (including finials) should allow for a gap between the decorative finial (end) of the rod and the side of the staircase – the size of gap really depends on your personal preference.

Side Fix stair rods for fitted carpets

Choose a length longer than required and cut to size with a hack-saw. The end of the rod should be hidden within the bracket.

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