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Brass Stair Rods

All you need to know about brass stair rods

The term brass stair rods is today commonly used as a generic term and typically refers to all types of stair rods or carpet rods. There is a wide selection and most fall into one of two categories: hollow rod options or solid core; these are then finished in a choice of ten different effects. The finishes include the popular polished brass, antique brass and satin brass options, plus other more contemporary options such as pewter, chrome and brushed chrome. We also offer a wood stair rod, trimmed in the ten different metal finishes – the Tudor.

Solid brass options

The Premier stair rods are manufactured traditionally with a solid core rod. The decorative finials (end pieces) are turned on the lathe and designed as integral to the rod. As such, these are a superior quality of stair rod, individually made by hand. There is a choice of five designs, which includes a classic acorn design and the  minimalist-looking Woburn. All five designs are available in a choice of ten metal finishes, including three brass: antique, polished and satin plus pewter, black, satin and polished nickel, antique bronze, chrome and brushed chrome. In this way, customers have the choice of matching up with other decorative metal finishes in their home, such as wall lamps and brass threshold strips.

Chatsworth brass stair rods on runner carpet & green staircase
The Premier Chatsworth brass stair rods have a solid core

Contemporary designs

The Vision collection of hollow carpet rods is designed for those looking for a more modern aesthetic and are designed to be fitted to a stair carpet runner. The three designs have a geometric influence and distinctive surface detailing.  Meanwhile, the glitzy Crystal collection provides an irresistible touch of glamour with its crystal finials.

Made-to-measure brass stair rods

There is no standard size of staircase nor stairs. Therefore, most or our stair rods are made-to-measure to your requirements and it is the tip-to-tip measurement, including finials, which is the length you need to order.  Staircases vary in dimension and stair runners are made to suit, so choosing a made-to-measure design of stairrod ensures a professional installation, tailored specifically to your staircase.

Cheap stair rod ranges

The Jubilee and Homepride economy ranges are supplied in a choice of four lengths of rod only; unliek the made-to-measure rods, these can be cut-to-size at the time of installation using a sharp hack-saw.

Jubilee brass stair rods hollow on striped runner carpet
The hollow Jubilee brass stair rods offer an economy option that you cut to measure on site

Achieving a natural look

The Tudor runner stair rods are made from wood and then trimmed either end in metal and are made to measure. They tend to appeal to those homeowners looking for a natural, classic decorative scheme.

Carpet rods for a period home

Stair Rod - Royale Beaumont
The Beaumont design of traditionally styled triangular brass stair rods

Originally, brass stair rods held the carpet runner in place on the staircase. However, they were not particularly effective and the stair runner would gradually slip down the stairs. Today, gripper is used instead to safely secure stair runners in place and stair rods are therefore purely decorative, even in a period property. The Royale collection of stair rods features 3 different designs which date back to the Victorian era. This flat-faced style of brass stair rod is certainly worth considering if you are looking to create an authentic, period look. The Victorian Stair Clip is likewise sympathetic in design and an option for the older property.

Brass carpet rods for runners and fitted carpets

When fitting stairrods on a staircase with a runner up the middle, the brackets are placed either side of the carpet and attach to the staircase. If your carpet is fitted the full width of your staurcase, then you will need to choose either a Front Fix or Side Fix option, which refers to the style of brackets.

Why not check out our comprehensive range of over 30 designs of stair rods and see which one would suit your house?

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