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Carpet Binding

Make your own rug and runners has never been more simple

Typically, a stair runner or rug will be cut from a wider piece of broadloom carpet i.e. 4m or 5m wide. This will mean it has raw edges, which will easily fray and require carpet binding. You can make up your own rug in various ways. These include applying an overlocking stitch (like a basic blanket stitch) or fixing to the edge a ready-made rug binding, such as leather or cotton.

However, both the above methods are not particularly attractive and add significantly to the cost of the runner.

Easybind carpet is designed to converts any width, style and most qualities of carpet into a bespoke stair runner or rug. Likewise, it works well on other types of natural flooring, including sisal. The rope-styled Easybind is applied to the reverse of the carpet; it neatly lockx in the loose fibres of the raw edges and creates an attractive, narrow edging strip to the stair runner or rug.

Easybind carpet edging in 38 colours

Whilst the names may be deceiving, the colours of this range of carpet binding provide an excellent selection to complement or contrast any style of plain or patterned carpet. You can choose from either the standard colours or the Deluxe colour range in the rope edging – the latter have an attractive, additional sheen to the fibres.

Make your own rug any size or shape

The versatility of Easybind means that any design and width of carpet can be transformed into a smart stair runner or rug. Circles, squares, oblongs and unusual angles are all possible.

Likewise, the fixing method is discrete and durable and is suitable for both residential and commercial installations. The choice of 38 colours provides a popular selection of plain hues and stripes to contrast or coordinate with your main body carpet. Made from strong synthetic yarn, Easybind carpet binding has a subtle silk finish, which complements most yarns and natural flooring.

How to apply your carpet binding

Follow this video for step-by-step instructions on how to apply Easybind:

Or follow these simple instructions:

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