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How to turn your staircase into a striking feature

Carpet rods for stairs are an instant way to create a striking focal point to a staircase and brighten up the most mundane. Appreciated for their decorative style, rods fitted across each step can also create an impression of breadth and spaciousness. Even the most cramped of stairs will seem refreshed. The result is a lovely ‘open’ feel to the centre of your home.

That is why we offer the ultimate in choice with over 40 different designs of stair carpet rods, in many different finishes, rod styles and sizes. Take a look and find a design to suit your home or project.

Chapel staircase featuring Balladeer antique bronze runner carpet rods
Make a statement with stair runner rods – shown here Balladeer.

What is the difference between a carpet rod and a stair rod?

Both terms are widely use and are interchangeable.

Are carpet runner rods suitable for fitted carpets?

Many of the designs we offer are available in a choice of Carpet Runner Rods, Front Fix or Side Fix. The runner option feature brackets which sit either side of your stair runner with a gap either side to reveal your staircase. If your carpet is fitted from one side of your staircase to the other then you can choose either the Front Fix bracket option or the Side Fix. The Front Fix brackets fit over the front of the bar and fix through the carpet. Whereas the Side Fix brackets attach to the side of your staircase. Choose the appropriate version in your shopping basket.

What length of carpet rods do you need?

Most of our ranges are made-to-measure and it is the tip-to-tip measurement which you order i.e. the length of the rod and the finials added together, including allowance for any over-hang on the runner rods. This measurement may vary from step to step in some houses, so do check first. We deliver these stair-rods ready to fit, with no adjustments required. You can read more about this in our Measuring up for Stair Rods Guide.

However, the Jubilee and Homepride stair rods are offered in four fixed lengths and you then cut them to size. These are our value ranges, designed to meet a budget.

Jubilee stair rod in polished brass on striped carpet
Jubilee runner rods provide an off-the-shelf solution at a modest price

Can you use carpet runner rods with natural flooring?

Yes. Carpet rods for stairs are designed for stair carpets or natural flooring fitted with underlay. The standard 12mm (1/2”) bracket has a 14mm clearance, allowing for underlay and carpet or natural flooring.

Select a finish to complement your décor

Fitting stair rods to your staircase is a decorative statement. Personal choice is certainly part of the decision-making process. However, it is also worth considering what finish will flatter your staircase and stair runner. Ultimately, choosing a stair rod finish which is visible and attracts the eye, rather than matching and therefore unobtrusive, is desirable.

Clearly, the choice is yours and there is no right or wrong answer. However, if you prefer something more toning in appearance, then choose a matching finish such as chrome on a pale grey carpet or polished brass on a busy, patterned design featuring amber, yellows and mid brown tones. You could also consider toning in with other metal fixtures in the vicinity such as wall lighting, door threshold strips or door handles.

Sphere carpet rods in pewter fitted on striped runner carpet
The pewter finish of these Sphere carpet rods helps provide an accent against the white staircase

You may also find this blog useful when it comes to finding the right carpet rods for your staircase

High clearance brackets for stair runner & underlay is thick

When fitting a stair runner, it is normal to indent the underlay. This helps prevent it being noticeable from the side and means a standard rod bracket for a 12wmm diameter rod will typically be sufficient. However, if you carpet is particularly thick and your underlay is close to the edge, you may find you need special high clearance brackets which are available with some the bespoke-made designs. Please get in touch for further information.

Which stair carpet rods are sympathetic to a period property?

The Royale, Premier and Country ranges feature finial designs which resonate with period features. The fleur-de-lys styling of the Victorian Stair Clip is an alternative option.

We have a rounded bottom step – can we fit a carpet rod?

The two popular options are to either fit a standard, straight stair rod for runner, across the central, straight section or to have a special, curved rod bespoke-made for your bottom step. The latter involves making a template and is available in the Premier and Country designs of carpet rods only. This is a bespoke, hand-crafted option complete with irregularities. Please feel free to email us for details E:

Can you fit carpet stair rods on a winder staircase?

Yes, you can but it is best to talk to your fitter first as it is a skilled job involving setting the carpet rod brackets at the correct angle. You may require a mixture of Side Fix and Runner brackets for such staircases, in which case do feel free to give us a ring to discuss your requirements and check you are ordering the correct fittings. Alternatively, the Blacksmith brackets are easily set at the right angle. The Blacksmith design is such that there is only one screw to attach the bracket to the staircase, which allows it to be set at a variety of angles to suit your stairs.

Can we DIY fit?

Yes, fitting carpet stair rods is straightforward for anyone who is DIY savvy. We provide clear instructions on the product specification pages for each design.

How do I clean carpet stair rods?

Our stair rods are supplied coated in an invisible lacquer; this means you should just dust or clean them with a damp cloth. Wonderfully simple!

Blacksmith carpet rods fitted on winder stairs
Winder stairs featuring the Blacksmith ball design

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