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Choosing the Right Stair Nosing Profile

Use the following grid to determine which of our stair nosing profiles would work best for you. Click on the Name of Nosing to find out more or purchase.

Stair nosing terminology

  • Bullnose profile: a step with a rounded edge which overhangs.
  • Click : a type of installation where the floor slots together and floats over the sub-floor. Many brands of vinyl flooring and laminate flooring use this method.
  • Curved step: the individual step has a curve along its width (curtail). Typically found on a bottom, feature step.
  • Dryback flooring: a stype of hard vinyl flooring which is stuck to the sub-floor
  • Floating flooring: a floor type which slots together and is NOT stuck to the floor e.g. some types of laminate & vinyl flooring. Typically the flooring will expand and contract.
  • Hard flooring: non-porous types of ceramic tiles, laminate, wood LCT (vinyl), rubber etc.
  • Laminate flooring: a multi-layered floorcovering with a core of plywood or fibreboard.
  • LVT: luxury vinyl including brands such as Karndean, Amtico pus many others.
  • Right angled/flat face profile: a step which is flat along the front of the tread and does not over-hang.
  • Riser: the vertical part of the a step.
  • SPC: vinyl flooring made with stone composite core (see manufacturer’s product information).
  • Straight step: a step which is consistently straight across its width.
  • Tread: the part of a step where you place your foot.
  • WPC: vinyl flooring made with wood composite core (see manufacturer’s product information).

Shop for nosing brands

Name of NosingWhere to Use – Type of StepSuitable for named types of flooring onlyThick-ness of flooringSuitable for curved or straight stepsMatches flooring with inset stripFinish choice
Premier BendybullBullnose or right-angled/flat faceDryback flooring or loose lay, including vinyl flooring2.5mm-5mm excl. underlayBoth10
Premier LVT Full BullBullnoseLVT, laminate, stick-down thin carpet2.5mm-5mm excl. underlayStraight10
Premier LVT No BullRight-angled/flat faceLVT, laminate, stick-down thin carpet2.5mm-5mm excl. underlayStraight10
Ali BendybullBullnose or right-angled/flat faceLVT
WPC/SPC peeled top layer
1mm-3mm excl. underlayBothYes4
Ali Wrap Nosing LVTBullnose LVT/luxury vinyl2.5mm-3mm excl. underlayStraightYes4
Ali Wrap Nosing WPC & SPCBullnoseWPC/SPC peeled top layer 1mm (peeled top layer of flooring only)StraightYes4
Ali Top Nose LaminateBullnose or right-angled/flat faceLaminate8mmStraight4
Rake Back LipLow traffic, individual step (not full staircase)Non-porous hard flooring e.g. wood, vinyl, porcelainAllStraight10

Stair nosing profile fitted to wood-look tread staircase with winder stairs
An insert strip of matching flooring fits into the Ali Wrap

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