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Antique Stair Rods

Antique stair rods that stand the test of time

Traditionally, back in the Victorian era, stair rods were made from solid, polished brass. What we today call an ‘antique’ effect resembles brass which has gone a deeper, mellow tone due to the reaction of the brass to atmospheric conditions. Here at, we sell ready-made antique stair rods, or to be more precise pre-antiqued stair rods, in an antique brass finish. These are are offered in most designs of finial. Apart from the look, part of the appeal of these pre-antiqued carpet rods is that they have a stable, consistent antiqued brass finish.

Specialists in Vintage stair rods
Antique stair rods vary in style

In the Victorian period, stair runner rods were used to fix the stair runner in place, onto the staircase, and had to be regularly removed to be cleaned and polished. Today, stair rods are purely decorative and stair runners are securely attached with gripper.

Dubair stair rods in antique brass on carpet stair runner
Eastern Promise Dubai in antique brass

Stair rods available in antique finishes

If you are looking for an antique effect stair rod but prefer minimal upkeep, then take a look at some of the brass toned finishes available in the current ranges of solid brass and hollow stair rods. Most of these stairrod designs can be ordered in ten different finishes, and are all protected by an invisible, protective lacquer. The polished brass, antique brass, satin brass and antique bronze options all complement a period decorating theme and match in with other fittings in your home, such as door handles, light fittings and door thresholds.

Heritage stair rods

It is sometimes possible to find old stair rods at salvage yards or even hidden away in the loft. Typically, the antique stair rods tend to be dented or bent, frequently are missing finials and rarely have been stored with their fixing brackets. It can be possible to polish up these old carpet rods and return them to a bright brass finish. However, depending on the atmospheric conditions where they are fitted, they will once again become tarnished over time. For anyone who lives near the sea, you will know the combination of salt and moisture is particularly conducive to tarnishing brass. If you do decide to fit your antique stair rods, then be careful to protect your carpet when cleaning the rods.

Lacquered or unlacquered finish

All our stairrod designs are available for purchase in up to ten finishes, including polished brass and antique brass. In fact, these are the two most popular finishes we well. For easy upkeep, they are protected with an invisible lacquer which prevents them tarnishing over time. If you specifically require them un-lacquered, please get in touch and we can arrange.

Replacing brackets for period stair rods

We sell pairs of brackets for cylindrical stair rods in 12mm (1/2”) and 16mm (5/8”), with 19mm (3/4”) diameter rods available on special order, in a hinged Runner version (for stair runners), Front Fix (for fitted carpets) or Side Fix (for fitted carpets). We also sell replacement pairs of triangular rods, which fit our Royale range. Typically, antique stair rods which feature a flat face (triangular) tend to be slightly smaller in size than the Royale and we can therefore provide foam inserts (free of charge) if required, to avoid the rods rattling in the brackets.

Stair rod brackets in various sizes and finishes
Replacement brackets are available for antique stair rods


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