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Our sample service

We can arrange to send in the post up to two free of charges samples of our stair rods, door thresholds or carpet binding. For immediate answers to most product queries and to help you order samples that suit your needs, please do SCROLL DOWN the relevant product page(s) for detailed product descriptions, technical information, useful diagrams, dimensions, finish images etc.

How long will they take to get to me?

Sample requests typically take 5 days to be made up and arrive in the post. So, if you are arranging fitting, please do take this into account plus the standard delivery time for your products to be manufactured and shipped.

Variation in sample finishing

Many of our products and finishes involve hand-finishing. Therefore, please note that the finish of any samples may not necessarily exactly match a subsequent order.

And we look forward to receiving your order

Customers have told us that they much-appreciate this free-of-charge sample service. We hope this is true for you too and would love to receive your order, in due course.

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