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Door Threshold Strips

How to make sure you buy the right door threshold strips

Door threshold strips, sometimes known as door bars, are a smart, secure and practical way to join floor coverings in doorways.  They also transition from one type of flooring to another within a room, such as between a living room and conservatory or in an open-plan dining/living space, where laminate flooring may meet a carpet.

We aim to offer the best and most extensive selection of designs, sizes and finishes, many of which are not found on the high street or in carpet shops. These include some innovative solutions to common problems.

All the carpet door bars and floor trims we sell are for internal use and are of a high quality, manufactured to last and perform for many years. There is a wide choice of finishes available, including three different brass finishes, chromes, stainless steel, black, pewter and nickel.

The type of flooring you are joining determines the door thresholds you require

Carpet to carpet door bars

These are perfect for joining one carpet to another, typically in a door way between rooms, but also suitable for transitioning from one carpet to another in an open-plan area. The maximum length is 2.7m and most designs are offered in ten different metal finishes. These door bars include a base section featuring pins which lie under the carpet and grip it, pulling it under tension to create a professional finish.

Top tip: the most popular is the Premier Double Z.

Carpet to hard floor door threshold strips

These carpet thresholds are designed to join a carpet on one side to a ‘hard floor’, which includes floor coverings such as ceramic tiles, wood, laminate, stone and rubber. Those that feature a pronged base section, which lies under the carpet side, grip the carpet under tension and are commonly called Z bars.

Top tip: take a look at the Premier Z9 , AL/10 or Feline 1.

Z bar joining carpet to wooden floor in doorway, antique bronze
The Premier Z9 creates a professional join

Alternatively, a floor plate such as the Premier Cover Door Plate is securely screwed down to cover the join of the two floor coverings.

Looking for a narrow door strip? We suggest you look at the Premier SQ, or FelineEdge.


The various styles of Ramps provide great solutions to the age old problem of joining two floor-coverings which are at a different level to each other. Whether you are joining two hard floors, such as a bathroom tiled floor to a laminate landing, or a carpeted floor to a hard floor, there are tailored options which create a neat and safe join. Take a look at our Ramps which are suitable for joining a hard floorcovering to another hard floorcovering, and Compression Ramps, which join a carpet to a hard floorcovering.

Stick-down no screws

This selection of door thresholds requires no screws when fitting. For those not handy with a screwdriver, these surface-mounted door bars solve the problem. Products include the Euro and Floating Euro floor trims and the Lip floor trims, which are all designed to join one type of hard floorcovering to another. If you are joining a carpet to a hard floor and require a stick-down door bar, then take a look at the Compression Ramp.

Coping with an extra wide gap

Issues can occur when installing new flooring in an old house. A common problem is discovering that you have an extra wide gap between two floors. An excellent solution is the SSEP, which is an extra wide threshold strip, offered in 75mm and 100mm wide options.

Universal applications known as cover plates

Premier Trim Cover
The Premier Coverplate has visible screws as a design feature

These styles of door trim cater for most situations, even when there is a small step between floor-coverings and can be used throughout the house.

They fit over the top of the join between two floor-coverings. As there is no spiked, base section to hold the carpet firm, it will require fixing with an alternative method e.g. gripper. Choose a suitable width of plate to sufficiently cover this area, otherwise you may feel the gripper through the carpet.

Top tip: take a look at the Premier Cover Door Plate, Posh, or the SSEP if you need an extra wide one.

Hard to hard flooring

These floor trims are designed to join hard types of flooring in a doorway or as a divider in a room. Hard floors include ceramic/porcelain tiles, laminate, wood, concrete, stone and rubber. Most options are stick-down and require no screws, such as the Euro, Floating Euro, T Bar and Lips.

Under carpet ramp

The Easyshim is an ingenious invention which sits under your carpet to create a ramp up to a higher floor level.

Vinyl to Vinyl

The trend for vinyl and luxury vinyl (LVT) floors requires special door bars, different to those used with hard floor types such as laminate or ceramic tiles.

Edge trims

This range of products offers neat and smart solutions when you need to cap or finish off an edge, such as on a staircase, around a mat well or raw edge of a tile. the Lip range of products offers five different profiles from which to choose.

The fashion for narrow joins

For some the desire for minimalism means that the standard width of door bars can be too obtrusive. Instead, consider the Premier Slim D (to join 2 carpets) and the Premier Slim Z (to join hard flooring coverings to carpet), which are just 22mm wide.

How to fit door bars and threshold strips

  1. If you are not sure of your DIY skills, ask a carpet fitter to do this for you.
  2. Always use the correct tools and read any instructions first.
  3. Check first for underfloor heating, if screwing into your floor
  4. Measure and cut to length with a sharp hack-saw.
  5. Those with a base section and teeth, such as the Double Z, can be screwed or stuck to the floor, underneath the carpet.

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