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Antique Brass Stair Rods

Choose antique brass stair rods for authentic and classic style

Antique brass continues to be one of the most popular finishes of stair rods available, regardless of home decorating trends or the passing of time. Mellow in tone compared to the brighter, polished brass options, antique brass looks the part in both period and contemporary styled homes. They also work well with plain or patterned stair runners. If you are looking for antique brass stair rods, first find the design style you prefer and then select the relevant finish in our shopping basket.

What is antique brass and how to maintain the look?

Most of the ranges of stair available are produced with hollow rods, which are both robust and high quality in finish. In contrast, the Premier brass stair rods have a solid metal core construction, which reflects the traditional way of making high quality stairrods, that dates back centuries. Whichever the production process, the carpet rods are then antiqued and finished.

Unprotected or unlacquered brass naturally tarnishes, particularly in certain atmospheric conditions such as near the coast or when the weather is humid. The effect can be inconsistent and this is why our stair rods are aged intentionally, under controlled conditions. In this way we ensure an attractive and professional antique brass finish. The stair rods are protected with an invisible lacquer to make the finish permanent and stable; this avoids the needs for serious brass polishing. Simply give them a quick wipe down with a damp cloth.

Antique brass stair rod ranges

Antique brass stair rods are available in the following collections of carpet rods:

In fact, there are over 30 individual designs to cater for everyone’s taste. The Victorian Stair Clip is likewise sold in an antique brass finish, providing an alternative, period option.

Lancaster antique brass stair rods fitted in hall
The solid Lancaster antique brass stair rods from the Premier collection

Style of rods

There is a choice of plain, spiral or reeded rod in the Vision, Country, Crystal and Eastern Promise range of stair rods. These are all sold in ten different finishes, including antique brass. Our other ranges are available in a plain style of rod only.

Crystal sky antique brass stair rods on natural runner
Reeded rod in antique brass with Sky finial from the Crystal range

Curved carpet runner rods

It is normal to fix a carpet rod at floor level at the base of the first step. Some staircases feature a curved tread for the first or starting step and at hall level. If you wish to order curved rods to match, then please get in touch E: and we can arrange. You will need to supply an actual template and the rod will be bespoke made to match.

Curved stair rods for bottom steps
Curved stair rods can be custom-made in certain designs

Renovating a period home

It is sometimes possible to find old stair rods at salvage yards, which date back to the early 19th century. Typically, these are full of character being dented and bent. If not too severely marked, it is sometimes possible to polish up these old carpet rods, back to the original, shiny brass finish.

However, depending on the atmospheric conditions where they are fitted, they will once again become tarnished over time. For anyone who lives near the sea, you will know the combination of salt and moisture is particularly conducive to tarnishing brass. If you do decide to fit your antique stair rods, then be careful to protect your carpet when cleaning the rods. Likewise, salvage carpet rods rarely come complete with brackets, which is why we offer replacement brackets for sale in all finishes, for both cylindrical and triangular shaped rods.

If the look of an old brass stair rod appeals but not the work or care involved, then do take a look at the contemporary ranges we offer today. Satin brass and antique bronze may also work well with a period style of décor.

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