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Stair Carpet Clips

Stair carpet clips for runner carpets

Stair carpet clips are an alternative to stair rods. They are an attractive, decorative accessory, which add a touch of elegant style to a staircase. Fitted at the bottom of the riser on each step, they neatly trim the edge of a runner, providing a feature and accent to a staircase.

Carpet clips are designed to be fitted with runner carpet only, rather than a fully fitted carpet. They do not hold the runner in place but are purely decorative.  Therefore, an alternative means of securely fitting the carpet or runner to the stairs is required, such as gripper or adhesive. For further information about fitting a stair runner, it is best to contact a qualified carpet fitter.

Victorian stair carpet clips enhance a runner stair carpet
Victorian carpet clips shown in polished brass

The Victorian Stair Clip

Inspired by the stair clips of yesteryear, the Victorian Stair Clip is made from solid brass and features a classic, fleur-de-lys design. It is sold in pairs and offered in a choice of nine metal finishes: brass, antique and satin brass, black, chrome and brushed chrome, pewter, polished and satin nickel.

Fitting stair clips

This can be undertaken by a do-it-yourself enthusiast or ask a trained carpet fitter.

  • It is useful to fit stair carpet clips before the carpet is fitted.
  • First, mark the width of the actual stair runner at the back of the step, where the tread meets the riser.
  • Then measure the thickness of the runner, allowing for underlay, and mark it off on the riser.
  • Line up the bottom of the clip with the mark on the riser, checking it is straight, and draw an outline of the clip’s base plate section.
  • Pivot the plate to reveal the screw holes and mark up before making pilot holes.
  • Finally, drill holes suitable for No 6 screws and attach the stair clips. Remember to drill slowly to avoid breaking the screws.

Style tips

  • For a balanced look, do install stair clips on the very first riser where a stair runner meets a hall floor.
  • If you are looking to create a period feel then consider the polished brass, antique brass or antique bronze finishes.
  • You may like the matching skirting Skiffers as a complementing decorative feature, which protect the corners of skirting boards. A particularly practical option in halls, where foot traffic is heaviest.

Cleaning stair carpet clips

The Victorian Stair Clips are supplied with an invisible lacquer. This means that the finish will not tarnish in time and there is therefore no need to clean them, other than a quick dust.

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