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I need a door threshold carpet to tile but which one?

A door threshold carpet to tile comes with a choice of features. Deciding which option is not difficult but it is worth checking a few facts before deciding. Designed to create a join between a carpet and a ceramic or porcelain tiled floor, this type of door threshold has three key benefits:

Premier Z chrome flooring joiner between tiles and a carpet
The Premier Z9 shown here in chrome is a high quality door threshold carpet to tile
  1. Creates a smart join by covering the unsightly raw edges of both the tile and carpet or just the carpet.
  2. Helps prevent chipping or fraying along the edges.
  3. Creates a smooth and safe transition from one floorcovering to another.

Before purchasing, check the thickness of your tiles and carpet (excluding and including carpet underlay). Then determine the following:

  1. Do the tiles butt up against the carpet or is there a space or channel between the two which will need to be covered up? If so, how wide is it? This will help determine the width of door bar you will need.
  2. Will the finished tiled floor surface be flat and level with that of the carpet?  If not, what is the height difference and is it consistent across the width of the door?

Standard Z bar

The popular Z bar, such as the Premier Z9 (see photo above), joins ceramic tiles to a carpet. However, they must lie flat with each other with no difference in surface height. It consists of a base strip which fits under the carpet and attaches to the floor (glue or screws) and then grips the carpet under tension. Therefore, the visible threshold bar neatly fits over the carpet, slightly compressing the pile down, for a secure finish. Remember, any underlay stops short of the base strip and it is only the carpet that fits onto the pins. On the tile side, the visible bar neatly sits over the edge of the tile, covering up any unsightly or vulnerable edges.

What if your carpet is at a lower level than your tiled floor?

Posh door threshold carpet to tile in antique brass in doorway
Posh door threshold is available in a choice of 3 widths: 30mm, 38mm & 55mm

You can create a gentle slope under the carpet with Easyshims and then once level with your tiles, install a standard Z bar (see above).

Alternatively, choose a joining carpet plate such as the Premier Cover or Premier Posh. These cover up the gap and the raw edges and sit over the top of the carpet and tiles and then screw in. You then fix the carpet to the floor using gripper across the doorway (as you would around the room), which is positioned under the plate.

The Posh and Cover plates are very forgiving as they cater for a small height difference between the two floorcoverings and can be safely fitted at a slight angle.

Carpet threshold for when the carpet is raised above the tiles

Again, you can choose the versatile Premier Posh or Premier Cover plates, as they can be fitted at an angle. Otherwise, the Premier Compression carpet threshold creates a 5mm angled ramp from carpet to tiles or vice versa and has the added benefit of being self-adhesive.

Extra wide door threshold for transition from carpets to ceramic tiles

It is sometimes the case that you will be left with a gap or channel between the edge of your tiled floor and the carpet, particularly when they are not installed at the same time. Again, the plate solution (above) is ideal as both the Posh and the Cover are available in the extra wide option of 55mm. A neat solution can be to stick a strip of mdf or similar into the gap and then screw the plate into this for a strong fix.

I want to keep the metal joining strip as slim as possible, what can I use?

The Premier Slim Z is a Z bar that has been on a diet. Perfect for joining level tiles with carpet, it is just 22mm wide. However, be aware the narrow design means that you may feel the pins through the carpet as you approach the join.

Likewise, you could opt for the Premier Square carpet to tile threshold which grips the carpet and butts up against the tile, leaving the tile edge exposed. This works fine if your tiles are uncut and have a “finished” edge to them.

All the above mentioned door thresholds uk carpet to tile are available to purchase direct from the shop with direct delivery to your address. An excellent choice of finishes and lengths is offered and free of charge sample service.

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