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Good-Looking Laminate Stair Nose to Protect Front of Step

So what does your builder or flooring installer mean when they drop into the conversation that a laminate stair nose will solve your problems? Stair nosings protect the front edge of a step from undue wear and cover up any unsightly seams – they can also make your staircase look oh so smart. But when do you need them and what are the design options?  

Antique finish laminate stair nose joins wood laminate floor with carpeted step riser
Protect and hide the front edge of a laminate floor where it joins a carpeted riser

Laminate flooring is high up there when it comes to the most popular types of floorcoverings we are currently opting for in our homes. Best known for its printed decors which recreate natural-looking wood planks and realistic stone effects, it is also relatively easy to install and simple to maintain. When fitting on the treads and/or risers of a staircase, there are various kits and systems available at a variety of price points; these often come with matching stair-nosings to the laminate stairs as part of the purchase.  

How to join a laminate floor on a step

However, many people instead prefer carpet on their stairs (it can be softer underfoot and not so noisy) and opt for a contrasting laminate just on their landing and in the hall.  But, remember when you decide on that fabulous, new wood-look laminate floor for your landing, you will also need to consider how to hide the inevitable, exposed seam on the top step, where the laminate meets the carpet on your stairs. This join can be exacerbated by the fact that the laminate landing flooring will normally be sitting on top of some type of underlay. Therefore, side-on, the seam at the top of your stairs can resemble a multi-layered sandwich if you are not careful and is certainly not what you want to see when you look up the staircase. Exposed, it can also be a trip-hazard.

Likewise, if it is a floating laminate landing floorcovering (typical of the “click” method of fixing) it will also gently expand and contract with atmospheric conditions. This means that any nosing protecting the very top step of your staircase (at landing level) needs to allow for this too.

It’s at this point, your builder will tell you that you need a smart laminate stair nosing. Step up the Ali Top Nose.

Ali Top Nose – the ideal stair nosing for the top step

The Ali Top Nose certainly scores well when it comes to aesthetics and performance.  It is designed for a rounded step edge with an over-hang, otherwise known as a bullnose, which is covered in laminate and the riser is fitted with carpet. It is a flattering profile, made from heavy-duty aluminium and available in a choice of four pristine finishes – enough variety to complement any laminate range.

The Ali Top Nose allows for a floating (not stuck down) laminate floor on the landing which is up to 8mm thick.  The Top Nose accommodates the gradual expansion and contraction of the laminate without a gap ever appearing at the top of your stairs.  It also works with a non-floating type of laminate. In essence it’s a safe, elegant step edging that joins your stair carpet on the last riser (vertical face) to laminate flooring fitted on the landing.

Use in conjunction with the manufacturer’s Easyshims if you’d like your stair carpet to create a waterfall effect down the riser of the top step, as illustrated below. What’s more, it is a stair nosing UK designed and manufactured.

Ali Top Nose dimension diagram
The Ali Top Nose step edge works with laminate flooring up to 8mm thick

What nosings to use for luxury vinyl covered stairs

If you are thinking of going for luxury vinyl up your staircase, such as Karndean, Amtico or the like, then take a look at these stunning lvt (luxury vinyl) nosing options to complete the transformation. Designed to perfectly match the pattern and colour of your floorcovering, there are even options for curved steps.

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