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How to make your own rug from off-cut carpet

An eye-catching rug strategically placed on the floor is an attractive feature of a room but also extremely practical. In this article, I explain how to make your own rug from remnant carpet and carpet edge binding. I can also reassure you that even a novice can create a smart rug and using the Easybind carpet edging tape method means you can also achieve a professional finish on a modest budget.

In our house, we have a rug that stretches across our sitting room’s engineered wood floor. It enhances the comfortable and welcoming feel of the room and nicely sets off the fabric we chose for the sofas. It is also handy for a touch of Pilates, is kind on the grandchildren’s knees and provides great traction for the dogs! For our family, rugs have always been part of the décor and have endless uses, from covering up a major biro blot to extending the life of a prematurely worn section of a hall carpet. Whether your home is a house, flat, caravan, shepherd’s hut or mansion, rugs can be a room-enhancing feature.

Turn cut carpet into stylish rugs with carpet edge binding

carpet edge binding in beige on a tartan rug with wooden chair
Turn an off-cut of carpet into an attractive rug with rope edging

Amazing product! Easybind is a quick and easy alternative to carpet binding. You can now turn any piece of carpet into an attractive rug or stair runner just by adding this product. Highly recommend!

Very quick delivery and great product and the difference it makes to a scrap of carpet is fantastic – highly recommended.

If you are anything like me, over the years we have collected an array of weird-sized off-cuts and stored them in the loft in the hope that one day they’d come in useful. Well, Easybind carpet edging tape is just the job. As customer product reviews of Easybind reveal (see above), there is something extremely satisfying about successfully converting an off-cut of carpet into a professional-looking rug:

From circles to L-shape rugs

The Easybind rope-edging seals and covers up the frayed edges of the remnant carpet and creates a smart edging all around your rug, regardless of the size or shape. It’s perfect for making round rugs, oblongs, ovals, squares, runners, and L-shaped.

Follow the video for step-by-step instructions

First watch the video, which demonstrates exactly how to use Easybind. It’s easy-to-follow, shows you exactly how to tackle the job. Certainly, lots of our customers seem to find it invaluable:

Value for money, quick delivery and super easy to use, following the helpful video guide. Very happy with the finished rugs.

Next, cut your remnant carpet to size and then measure the outside edges. Then order the relevant length of Easybind in your preferred colour (there is a great choice). Do round up to the nearest metre and allow a little extra for a practice run and any mitred corners.

How to make your own rug with carpet edge binding
Choose from 38 different colours of carpet edging tape

 Apply the rug binding using the self-adhesive strip

The rope edging is supplied and attached to backing tape with a self-adhesive strip. Once the protective paper is removed you stick the tape to the underside of your carpet by pressing it down with your hands, which leaves just the rope trim visible. When going around corners, you simply cut the backing tape, not the rope trim, and stick. Having attached the Easybind, finish up by applying a thin bead of glue between the carpet and binding tape with a standard glue gun.

How to bind a rug with Easybind carpet edging stage 3
The binding tape is self-adhesive & sticks to the back of the rug

Versatile and pleasing to do

Having successfully made their first rug, customers have reported they get bitten by the bug and then spot other areas in the house where a rug would prove useful and go out and buy a piece of remnant carpet to have another go. Others have made removable carpets for their caravans and motorhomes and even edged a custom-made, long seat cushion.

To view the colours available in the Easybind range, request samples, watch the video on how to apply it and purchase, please follow the link below.

Even after reading how easy it is to convert your leftover carpet into a rug, sometimes there is nothing better than buying a brand new rug and having it delivered to your door. But for less than £50 use our easybind and make a rug the exact size you need, or even the correct shape.

Rated 5-stars by customers