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Superior Laminate Threshold Strips to Ensure Your Safety

It can be easy to trip over a rough or raised edge of laminate flooring fitted in your home. This is particularly a risk where your laminate joins up to the flooring in the next room, creating a transition join in a doorway. Whether your laminate flooring joins more laminate or joins another type of flooring such as carpet, to avoid any trip hazards choose a laminate floor door threshold designed for the job and which is robust.

Joining laminate flooring to more laminate or other types of ‘hard’ flooring

Typically, laminate flooring is installed on underlay; it also expands and contracts. This means that an expansion space is normally left around the edge of your room and in the doorway, leaving the two cut laminate flooring edges exposed. These need protecting for a secure finish. However, you will need to ensure the laminate covering strip allows for the continued expansion and contraction of the laminate. We recommend the quality Euro Floating, which is made from solid brass in a choice of ten pristine metal finishes. It is self-adhesive and easy to fit.

If your two laminate floors are not level with each other, then your will need a door threshold ramp to gradually transition from one height to the other. This will smooth out any marked step and avoiding an edge, which someone could easily fall over. For a gradual incline choose the 2-Way Ramp or for a height difference of 10mm-20mm choose the Premier Ramps.

The above advice is also relevant when joining a laminate flooring to other types of ‘hard’ floorcoverings such as ceramic tiles or stone.


Laminate Threshold Strips chome
Premier Compression Ramp

Laminate threshold strips for joining laminate to carpet

If you are fortunate, the finished level of your laminate flooring will be the same as your carpet. In reality, it is sometimes slightly higher and therefore a trip hazard. To overcome this and provide a gradual ramp, you can:

  • Insert an Easyshim under the carpet to raise the carpet up to the exact level of the laminate floor


  • Use a Compression Ramp to securely hold the carpet in place and cover the edge of the laminate floor.

Cover plate alternative option

The benefits of the Premier Posh or the more contemporary styled  Premier Cover Plates are that they are a ‘catch-all’ solution for joining floorcoverings, including laminate, wood, carpet and stone. Whatever the floorcovering, you can fit one of these, providing your floor levels are even or are only a maximum of 8mm difference (choose the 55mm wide version).

The main difference is that if you are joining to carpet you will have to employ some sort of gripper to pull your carpet under tension and keep it ruck-free. This is because the plates only cover the raw edges and sit on top of the flooring but have no under carpet base section to grip the carpet.

Both the Posh and the Cover plate are quality made and available in ten smart metal finishes.

Premier posh door plate from
Premier Posh – safe and smart laminate threshold strips

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