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What is the difference between a carpet door bar and a carpet plate?

Posh door carpet plate between two carpets
The Posh carpet plate features screwed covered by an inset strip

Terminology in the carpet industry for the same product can vary quite considerably. Customers ring us up and say that they are having new carpets fitted and their carpet fitter has asked them to buy some carpet plates to join their carpet in their doorways. They’ve spotted the Premier Cover Plate on our website, which they like, and wonder if that is what their fitter means?

What is a carpet door bar?

Carpet door bars are the same thing as door thresholds and are fitted across a doorway or a room where two floor-coverings need to be joined. The door bar covers up the two raw edges. The particular designs used for joining two carpets feature spiked base sections, which are hidden under the carpet and securely hold the carpet in place and under tension, helping to create a smart ruck-free join.

The following diagram illustrates how they work. An excellent quality carpet door bar, which you can buy in ten different finishes, is the Premier Double Z9. Some fitters will actually refer to you needing “some Double Zs” and this is the product they mean.

Premier Double Z9 door threshold joins carpets - product diagram
The 30mm Premier ZZ9 is available in 10 different finishes

What is a carpet plate?

A carpet plate normally refers to a carpet joiner which is fixed over the top of the edges of two carpets but does not have any integral spiked base section. Therefore, a fitter will need to screw it into the floor for it to be secure and will also need to use a piece of gripper or the like across the join to pull to stop the carpet from moving and rucking up.

There are two popular designs: the Premier Posh and the Premier Cover Plate. Both are made of solid brass and are available in ten different metal finishes – they just vary in looks. Both can be used to transition from carpet to carpet but also any other type of floorcovering too.

Premier Posh 38 door threshold product diagram with dimensions
Premier Posh 38mm is ideal for joining carpets and any type of flooring

What is worth noting is that both the Posh and the Premier Cover can be used where one carpet is at a slightly different height to the other as they can be fitted at a slight angle.

Hopefully, that clears up some confusion. But if you have any other queries, feel free to get in touch T: 0330 113 4909 or

All of the carpet door bars and carpet plates mentioned in this article are available to purchase in our online shop.

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