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Easy to Fix Self-Adhesive Door Threshold Strips

The issue of underfloor heating is a pressing one for many homeowners, when it comes to installing door thresholds. This is particularly the case for those hoping to do-it-yourself. The good news is that there is an excellent range of self-adhesive door threshold strips available: excellent quality and in a choice of ten metal finishes. So, no need to worry about how thick your screed is and whether you about to fuse or flood the house!

Common to these products is the industrial strength adhesive strip, pre-attached to the underside, which provides a secure and sturdy fix.

Laminate self-adhesive door threshold strips

The Premier Euro Non-Floating and The Premier Euro Floating door bars are designed to join hard floor-coverings such as laminate, wood, smooth stone and ceramic tiles. Manufactured in solid brass and finished in a choice of metal effects, the fine quality is a significant factor which always impresses.

self-adhesive door thresholds strips in bronze
Quality, self-adhesive door threshold strips look the part
  • The Floating option is used for ‘floating’ floors, which describes one method of installing a hardwood flooring, where it is loosely laid over an underlay rather than being fixed to the subfloor. As such, it is not fixed in position and typically will give and take a little, which is why expansion joints are included. The threshold strips are supplied with two adhesive strips on the underside. When installing, you peel off just one of them and stick to one floorcovering, allowing the joint to expand and contract beneath.
  • The Floating Euro is an ideal option for anyone needing extra wide laminate threshold strips, as they are available in 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm wide options.
  • The Premier Euro Non-Floating is used when the hard floorcoverings are fixed to the sub floor. In this instance, you peel off both adhesive strips, firmly fixing the entire door bar in situ.
  • For those looking for chrome door threshold bars manufactured in aluminium, the AL/AC38SF option comes in a stain or polished aluminium finish and is an alternative self-adhesive option.

Catering for uneven floors

The range of Ramps has become one of our best-selling lines. Designed for floor transitions for uneven floors, they create a slope, of various heights, from one hard floorcovering down or up to another. The 2 Way Ramp caters for a level difference of 2-9mm, whereas the Ramps are used for a level difference from 1omm-20mm. The simple, peel-off adhesive strips on the underside make installation simple and fast.

Floor transitions for uneven floors
Ramps are ideal for floor transitions for uneven floors

DIY fixing of self-adhesive door threshold strips for the beginner

Installation is quick and easy:

  1. Cut the door threshold strips to length.
  2. Ensure the surfaces are grease free and clean
  3. Peel off the covering strips on the underside and immediately fix in place

All these door bars are available in a choice of lengths from 900mm to 2700mm, which can be cut with a sharp hack-saw. So, even if you need extra-long threshold strips across a double door or room, there are smart solutions available.

How about carpets?

The standard way to join two carpets in a doorway or across a room is to use a door threshold such as the Double Z9. This is fixed to the base floor either with screws or stuck down using a special adhesive. The carpet is stretched onto the base pins, holding it in place.  Self-stick is therefore not an option, given the nature of carpet i.e. wool or a synthetic pile. However, if you are joining a carpet to a hard floorcovering, such as wood or laminate, and have an issue with slightly different floor levels, then the Premier Carpet Ramp could be a useful solution.

Fashionable finishes

Also, worth a mention is that there is an excellent choice of ten metal finishes available in the above lines. These include firm favourites antique and polished brass or polished chrome but also fashionable alternatives including black and stain nickel.

For further advice about choosing the right door bar for your home, take a look at this blog.

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