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How to choose the right carpet to tile joiner

You know you need to buy a carpet to tile joiner to transition link your carpet to your tiled floor but you don’t know which design specification to choose. If you are employing a fitter, then you can ask them. However, you know you want a better quality door threshold trim than the standard, cheap strips fitters generally have on their vans. Here we explain what you need to look out for, popular designs and mistakes to avoid.

A carpet to tile trim securely joins a tiled floor to a carpet, creating an elegant transition from one surface to the other, avoiding any trip hazards and protecting the edge of both floorcoverings to avoid undue wear.

What do you need to consider before choosing your floor trims & joiners?

  1. First, confirm if you have underfloor heating installed under the door area. If yes, you will need to use a propriety adhesive rather than screws to attach the trim. Most designs should allow for this but do double-check the specification when ordering.
  2. Determine if the fitted carpet and the tiles are level with each other. This is important as some carpet to tile trims are only suitable to be fitted flat such as the Premier Z, whereas others have an inbuilt, small ramp such as the Premier Compression Ramp.
  3. If you want your trim to last for years to come without denting or buckling, then it is best to purchase a quality brand made in robust, solid brass. The thin, aluminium or wood options available on the market can easily become scruffy and dented by shoes, vacuum cleaners, pets and the like.
  4. And what metal finish do you want? A popular idea is to match to other metal accessories in your home, such as door handles, taps, light fittings or stair rods. Alternatively, you can choose a finish to complement the colour of your carpet and tiles. Quality ranges, such as the Premier door bars, come in a choice of ten metal finishes, including polished and antique brass, polished and brushed chrome, black and satin nickel.

The most popular designs of carpet to tile joiners

Here we have listed our 5 top selling designs – all are top quality and manufactured to last and look smart for years to come.

The Premier Z trims

Quality carpet to tile trims in pewter finish
The Premier Z joins carpet to tile & available in 10 finishes

The Premier Z9 is made in solid brass and you’d use this when your floorcoverings are even with each other. It is probably the most commonly used carpet to tile joiner we sell. The finished look is a smart continuous bar with no screws showing. The base section on the carpet side holds the carpet tight onto the pins, whilst the visible bar neatly sits over the top of the edge of the tiles. It’s all useful to know that these are supplied with a few 3mm thick wedges, so if your tiles are a bit thicker, then you can just raise the Premier Z up to suit.

The Feline 2 is the equivalent design to the Premier Z, only in a more deluxe finish.

The Premier Square (SQ) carpet to tile joiner

A square edge door transition in antique brass

This design neatly butts up against the edge of the tile and lies flush with it. On the carpet side, the base pins grip the carpet and hold it under tension.

Other brands include the FelineEdge and the AL/10.

The Premier Cover Plate

Premier Cover plate with matching screws in antique bronze joining carpet to wood

This contemporary design is ideal for joining a carpet to a tiled floor, even if one is higher than the other. The plate screws over the join and therefore be careful with underfloor heating.

The Posh multi-use trim

Posh door thresholds fitted between patterned beige carpet and tiles

Like the Cover (see above) this is a threshold plate that sits over the top of the join and works even if your two floors are not even with each other. It is attached with screws but there is an insert strip to hide them.

The Compression Ramp

Diagram of how the compression ramp door bar works, carpet to hard floor

This is also known as the Carpet Ramp and is ideal if there is a slight level discrepancy between your finished carpet and tiled floors.

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