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Thinking of replacing your old stair rods?

Recently, I was staying at a rather nice bijou hotel with an eclectic décor scheme, complete with a worn stair runner and old stair rods. The “shabby chic” staircase had certainly gone beyond any claim to style and instead just looked forlorn and unwelcoming. Certainly not in-keeping with the image of the hotel.

First impressions count

It’s the same with your home. One day it all looks fine and yet a week later you’ve got the blues with it and it is clear that a major redecoration is needed. And don’t forget the staircase whilst you are in the mood. Staircases can get ignored, particularly as they are not the easiest places to paint, and yet most stairs are what you see when coming through the front door. And, first impressions do count!

Compare old stair rod with new ones shown on striped stair runner
Spotted in a bijou hotel these old stair rods (right) are paint splattered and poorly fitted – time to replace with some new Piston rods (left)

Replacing your tired stair carpet and those tatty carpet rods with a snazzy new stair runner and pristine runner rods will lift the whole house and your spirits. However, before you dive in and rip out your bashed up old rods, it is wise to plan ahead:

Plan your stair carpet and carpet stair rods together

If you are thinking of changing your stair runner or carpet, then do that first, before you change the rods. Otherwise, you may find you’ve purchased the wrong length runner rods for your new runner.

Trad or on-trend finish?

The most popular finishes for carpet rods are polished brass and antique brass. Polished chrome comes a close third. However, if you’d like to create a more fashionable, even edgy tone to your staircase, then consider a more striking look such as black, pewter or brushed chrome. See here for further design ideas about black stair rods.

Should runner rods contrast or complement your stair carpet?

There is no right or wrong answer. But, here are a few design ideas you may like to consider:

Antique brass stair rods on striped stair runner
The striped stair runner with an antique brass stair rod is a timeless classic
Spiral rod in polished brass contrasts with plain beige carpet
Spiral rods provide eye-catching detail to a plain stair runnerBordeaux stair rod featured

Here the bordered edge acts as a perfect backdrop to the designer stairrods

Measure up and take care fitting

Thinking back to that hotel staircase I mentioned earlier, the lack of attention to the placing of the rods compounded the careless image. Not only had they somehow managed to acquire brackets too large for some of the rods but had then inconsistently lined them up. And don’t get me started on the paint splattered on the rods…

Don’t delay

If you are looking for quality stair rods to revive your tired staircase, browse our online shop and see which you like. If you’d like a sample – get in touch and we’ll be pleased to send out in the post.

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