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Discover the latest trends in stair rods

Carpet stair rods have been around for a century or more and yet they have never been more popular and fashionable than now. And so, for anyone thinking of installing them on their staircase, I’ve listed some of the latest trends in stair rods for 2020.

Slender 9mm diameter rods

In recent years, there has been a move towards the ultra-slender 9mm specification of stair rods. Given they are 25% thinner than the standard 12mm rods, they are likewise cheaper. The cheaper price point of designs such as the Homepride and Jubilee is certainly attractive. Providing you have a narrow staircase, the 9mm rods look fine, although in my opinion, they do lack a certain impact. Given the fact stair rods are all about providing decorative interest and style to a staircase, it seems a pity to reduce the ‘wow’ factor by opting for ultra-slender rods rather than the 12mm designs.

Most of the quality, made-to-measure stair rod designs are only offered in a 12mm diameter rod; these include the Country and Vision ranges. These are suitably substantial for a standard width of staircase, and therefore clearly visible when looking up from the bottom of the stairs. It is interesting how a flight of steps fitted with 12mm rods has an illusion of spaciousness – it is something to do with the repeating horizontal bars across the steps, one above the other.

The latest trends in stair rods includes 9mm Jubilee carpet rods shown on grey runner carpet
Low cost Jubilee stair rods shown in satin nickel

Curved stair carpet rods

Today, stair runners and town houses seem to be inexorably linked! Roger Oates led the way with his striking designs and many other carpet manufacturers have followed, in recent years. Inevitably, the issue of rounded bottom steps, common to town houses, arises, as shown on this staircase diagram.

Thankfully, it is now possible to purchase stair rods specifically manufactured to reflect the curvature of your step. It involves supplying a template and takes a little longer but is certainly worth it. We offer this service for the Premier (solid rods), Vision, Country and Crystal ranges, at no additional cost to the standard, straight stair rods.

Curved stair rods for bottom steps offers a curved-to-template service for stair rods

Dramatic black takes on chrome mantle

Whilst polished brass and antique brass continue to be the most popular finishes for stair rods, polished chrome has been up there too in recent years. Inspired by tones of grey, which have become the new natural for interior colour schemes, the polished chrome stair rods create a contemporary accent to a staircase. Meanwhile, for those seeking a more dramatic note, the matt black stair rods equally look the part with silver or charcoal grey stair runners. All our stair rods are available in black. Please see our online shop for all the latest trends in stair rods.

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