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The best door bars for thick carpets

Ultra-thick, deep-pile carpets seem to be back in fashion. Consequently, the question we are being asked is which door bars do we suggest you use for thick carpets?

Luxury carpet brands such as Jacaranda has always had a name for fabulously thick designs. For example, their chunky Agra range is made in a fusion of wool and synthetic yarn and weighs in at a hefty 5000g/m². A standard door threshold just won’t cope.  Another recent customer enquiry was for door thresholds for the soft iSense Suspense carpet range, complete with 20.5mm pile.

Carpets held firm & no loose edges

Firstly, it is useful to understand how a double naplock or standard carpet door bar works. The bar is fixed to the floor and the carpet either side is pulled, under tension, onto the base pins. Then, the visible bar is gently napped down (tapped) onto the carpet. In the process of doing this, the carpet will typically be compressed to a certain extent and is held securely in place, with no rucks and the cut edge neatly hidden.

The fact that the carpet is compressed to a certain degree when it is pulled onto the pins/gripper indicates that when it comes to choosing the right naplock, it is not an exact science.

Premier Double Z13 door bars thick carpets up to 20mm

The Premier Double Z9 is our most popular selling, quality, solid brass carpet bar, also available as the AL92 in aluminium. The ‘9’ refers to the thickness of carpet for which it is designed. The manufacturer suggests it is suitable for carpets around 9-12mm thick. Thereafter, you need to choose the next size up, which is the Premier Double Z13. The ‘13’ works for carpets from around 13mm to 18 or 19mm thick and, at a push, you could compress a particularly soft yarn down from 20/21mm to 13mm if needs be. We’ve not come across a bigger threshold.

Polished brass carpet to carpet door bar joining two brown carpets in doorway
Premier Double Z13 door bars for thick carpets made in 10 finishes

As you compress a carpet onto the pins of a carpet door threshold, there will inevitably be a dip in the finished level of the carpet as it enters and then exits the pins on the other side. Typically, this should occur under the door, when shut.

Other carpet bars in the same Premier range designed for ultra-thick carpets

Alternatively, use a cover plate

If your joining floor levels are not similar or you don’t fancy compressing your super thick carpet into the Premier Z13, then the Premier Posh and the Premier Cover are ideal alternatives. Fixed with screws, over the top of the two adjoining floorcoverings, they can be fitted at a slight angle and are supplied with 25mm thick screws, making them a good choice for thin to super- thick carpets.

Blog update September 2021

How much will a thick carpet compress with a door bar?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the structure of the carpet. It is however a very relevant question as it will influence whether you buy the 9mm or 13mm option. Basically, it comes down to how far your carpet will “squash” down to fit onto the base pins and under the visible threshold bar. If your carpet is a tufted in soft wool, it will likely squash down substantially However, if your carpet is a tight loop-pile in a hard polyprop fibre then it is likely that it will only compress slightly. To find out, try compressing the carpet with a ruler and note the difference.

Likewise, please note that when you compress a carpet onto the pins this will create a slight dip which should line up under your door.

On our shopping website, you can also request up to 2 free-of-charge samples should you be unsure which door threshold to purchase.

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