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Complete a Statement Staircase with Black Stair Rods

Decorating with black might sound risky. However, using black as an accent colour in a decorating scheme can be liberating, dramatic and glamorous.  Black stair rods have the ability to elevate a humdrum, practical flight of steps into a dynamic statement staircase. Simple to install at the time of fitting a new stair carpet or retrospectively, black metal stair rods deliver a modern vibe you can’t ignore.

Best to be bold with black

Black lacquered furniture, black marquetry, ebony, black onyx, black velvet drapes…are all traditionally synonymous with sophistication, the exotic, opulence and drama. Likewise, the era of Art Déco exulted in black and white, whilst designers through history have turned to monochrome décor schemes for invoking exclusivity and a unique sense of character.

Create an accent with black stair carpet rods

Part of the drama of decorating with black is the contrast it creates. On a staircase, you can use black runner rods as a decorative focal point, contrasting with pure white staircase walls or a gloss white staircase. Likewise, they can be used to emphasise black tones in artwork hanging up the stairs or positioned in close proximity to the stairs in a hall or on a landing.

Blacksmith wrought iron black stair rods featuring brackets on a winding staircase
Blacksmith ball stair rod

Sophisticated black sheen versus wrought iron black

Likewise, the patina of the rods is a key decorative element to consider. Black iron stair rods have an artisan feel to them which complements both rustic, natural decorative styles and those with an industrial, stripped-back note. The Blacksmith Flat and Ball designs deliver oodles of character.

In contrast, the black carpet door bars such as the glamorous Crystal, the contemporary Arrow and Piston designs or the solid stairrods such as the minimalist Woburn have a smooth, muted sheen to them. This creamy black texture strikes an elegant note that works in well with wool and other natural yarns.

Arrow carpet rod with bracket in black fitted to striped stair runner
Arrow stair rod in black strikes a bold contrast

Feeling confident?

For that extra level of opulence and drama, the detailing of the spiral or reeded design stair rods black deliver that extra element of drama and style. The Crystal range has a great cutting edge!

All the stair rods mentioned in this article are available made-to-measure. Please order from our specialist online shop.

Update to this article September 2021

More than a year after posting this blog, the trend for fashionable black décor highlights in the home continues. No longer restricted to the exclusive end of the marketplace, stair runner rod sales of the 9mm diameter, black Jubilee rods currently out-sell all other designs at the online retailer Starting at just £8.95 each, including a pair of brackets to attach the stairrod to the steps, the Jubilee rods demonstrate how accessible fashion is, even at such super-low price points.

Bargain Jubilee rods that attract great reviews

The Jubilee carpet runners rods attract glowing praise from happy customers. The photo below of one such customer installation illustrates the impact and instant style that a repeating row of Jubilee achieves.

Black stair rods for carpet runners fitted on teal carpet runner
Jubilee stair rods in black highlighted against the cream painted staircase

Rated 5-stars by customers