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Discover the Easy-Fix Options for Threshold on Interior Doors

For anyone who has never fitted a threshold on interior doors, the self-stick options prove particularly popular. The main benefits are:

  • Avoid drilling any holes in the floor, with all that entails.
  • Likewise, they are ideal for anyone who is not sure where their underfloor heating grid or pipes lie, which could be pierced by fitting with screws.
  • Fast to fit.

No need to compromise on quality

However, it is clear from conversations with customers that they may want easy-fix door bars but they also want high quality ones. Many of the threshold strips on interior doors sold at the DIY sheds are made from thin aluminium and customers report they easily dent and lift. Customers don’t want anything that looks cheap either, which is why our solid brass Premier collection appeals, especially as all the different thresholds are offered in an attractive choice of ten metal finishes.

How to fit

Self-adhesive strip on threshold on internal doors
Easy-fix door threshold with peel-off strip

Easy-fix door bars feature a self-adhesive strip on the reverse that attaches to the floorcovering. Simply peel off the protective paper to expose the adhesive strip. The thresholds stick down firmly, specially designed to stay fixed and not lift, regardless of cleaning and daily use.

Firm favourites

Premier Euro Floating floor trim for joining hard floors
The solid brass Premier Euro self-sticks and creates a quality transition

The most popular and widely purchased are the Premier Euro Floating (for floating wood/laminate floors) and the Premier Euro Non Floating (for non floating floorcoverings that don’t expand such as ceramic tiles). The Euro design is ideal for creating a smart transition from one hard floorcovering to the next, when they are level with each other, neatly covering up the raw edges and gap between the two.

The new Ali range, designed for joining vinyl flooring, is worth checking out too. The big appeal is that the Tramline Transition, Tramline Reducer (ramp) and Tramline Z all match your vinyl floor pattern, so they are virtually invisible.

Vinyl to Carpet floor joiner Ali Z
The new Ali Tramline Z is almost invisible

Easy-fix ramp door bars

However, not all floors are level with each other, which is why the self-adhesive 2 Way Ramps and Ramps prove so popular. Able to cope with floor height difference from 2mm-20mm, they are likewise easy-fix. For trimming the edge of small steps or hard flooring edges, then the range of Lips are simple to fit and are again self-fix.

And what about carpets?

Fixing to a soft surface such as carpets is problematic and therefore most of the carpet door thresholds are designed to be stuck to the base floor, under the carpet and underlay, using a propriety adhesive or screwed into the floor. The most popular design is the Premier Double Z9 and then the Premier Z9 when joining a carpet to a hard floorcovering. For other options, this article provides suggestions.

However, the Premier Compression ramp is one carpet door bar which you can stick-down. It is designed for situations such as carpet to tile transition, where the carpet is 5mm higher or lower than an adjoining hard flooring. The Compression Ramp fixes firmly to the hard floor and creates a smart join, lightly compressing the pile of the carpet.

Rated 5-stars by customers