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What’s the Best Stair Edging to Use on a LVT Covered Staircase?

Having decided to get shot of your old stair carpet and chosen one of the latest luxury vinyl (LVT) floor styles, what are your options for stair edging with LVT flooring? Let’s start at the beginning and first recap why stair nosings are important, then take a look at what the choice is and what you need to be aware of when choosing.

Unlike stair carpet, which can be made to flex around the front edge of a step and be fitted in one piece, LVT is cut in sections for each step and riser.  Therefore, how the step edge is finished is important as it:

  1. Covers the seam between one section of LVT and another
  2. Reinforces the front of the step, which is typically the heavy traffic zone on a staircase
  3. Highlights the step edge, which is a useful safety feature
  4. Protects treads from undue wear

Full bull versus no bull step design

When choosing your nosing, you need to first determine the profile of your actual stairs. If they are rounded at the front with a protruding section (bullnose), then you will need a profile suitable for a bullnose. Alternatively, if your steps are simply square edge, you will need a No Bull step edge profile.

Premier LVT Nosing in Antique Brass, step edging
Stairs with a bull or protruding section of step require special stair edging

Contrasting or matching stair edging for LVT

 It is personal choice whether you would like your nosings to match the LVT flooring pattern you have chosen or whether you prefer a smart contrast in a choice of metals.

Nosing nameMain features Review
Premier Little NoseSelf-adhesive, 10 metal finishes, for no-bull straight stepsSimple to DIY fit, no screws needed
Premier LVT Nosing Full BullFor straight steps (not curved) with a bullnose, made from solid brass in 10 metal finishesLooks smart – needs some expertise to fit
Premier LVT Nosing No BullFor no-bull straight stairs, made from solid brass in 10 metal finishesElegant finish to the staircase
Premier BendybullFor straight or curved steps, insert a section of your stair LVT for a perfect matchTricky to fit but worth the effort
Ali Wrap NosingAn aluminium, economy range for steps with a bullnose; matches your LVT flooringGreat value
5mart nosings for luxury vinyl covered staircases
nosing stairs with the Ali Wrap Nose in antique brass for LVT
Striking looks at a low price – the Ali Wrap Nose

And what about a trim for a low step?

Meanwhile, if you have a low step, for example between two adjoining rooms, then the Lip trims are a simple-to-fit, self-adhesive solution. The Premier Lips come in a choice of five designs, ten finishes and 3 lengths. They can be used on LVT and most other hard floorcoverings, but not carpet, and provide a neat solution to numerous building quirks.

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