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What is the best carpet door bar for using with quality carpets?

Having splashed out on a lovely new carpet, it is worthwhile buying some quality carpet door bars in advance of your fitter arriving. They can then be installed at the same time and ensure a professional and smart overall finish. So what is the best carpet door bar?  If you are looking for  a great choice and good quality then I’d buy online, so do allow a few days for delivery.

Invest in good looks

Typically, fitters recommend the cheapest option of door bars when fitting carpets and carry on their vans standard gold or chrome ones. These are usually flimsy, unattractive and soon look tatty. Buying some quality door bars made of solid brass and taking time to select a finish to complement your carpet and décor, will mean they always do justice to the carpet and last for years and years.


Carpet door thresholds

Here in the UK, we have a love affair with carpets. Snug, soft under foot, sound absorbing and pleasing on the eye, fitted carpets are hugely popular.  Carpet door bars are typically fitted at the same time as a new carpet installation.  It is also standard practice to replace old ones and fit them retrospectively. Carpet door bars, known also as door thresholds, double naplocks or transition strips, join your two carpets across a doorway or across a room. They cover up the cut edges of the carpet, help stretch the carpet for a ruck-free finish and prevent fraying.

There are now carpet door bars for extra thick and luxurious carpets – find out more here.

Our best selling carpet to carpet threshold

Premier DoubleZ 9 best carpet door bar for quality carpets
Premier DoubleZ is up there when it comes to the best carpet door bar

Nowadays, there is a fantastic range of finishes offered in the quality door bars. Our biggest selling design is the solid brass Premier DoubleZ 9. It comes in a traditional polished brass or antique brass and polished chrome but also a subtle satin brass, brushed chrome, a rich antique bronze, plus satin and polished nickel, pewter and a nice matt black. You can see all the finishes close-up here (see finishes tab).

Choose finishes like a professional designer

Not sure which finish to go for? Consider matching to other metals in your home such as door handles or light fittings. Some people like to contrast with the carpet and highlight the transition from one room to the others and pick a finish which stands out from the carpet colour or design. However, if you are looking for an uninterrupted transition from room to room, choose a metal finish which tones in with your carpet.

Do’s and dont’s when deciding on the best carpet door bars


  • Think ahead and order your door bars to coincide with the fitting of your carpet.
  • Choose a brand such as the Premier collection that is robust and made in solid brass, rather than aluminium or similar. A three to four millimetre- thick brass carpet bar will withstand everyday use without bending or denting. The vacuum cleaner and outdoor shoes can do no end of damage to the cheap door bars.
  • Purchase the door bars online to get a good deal.
  • For a coordinated, smart appearance, try to be consistent throughout the house when selecting a finish and brand for your door thresholds.
  • Not sure which finish you want? Ask for a free of charge sample and try it out in situ.


  • Check the thickness of your carpet and buy the appropriate size. For a premium quality wool or mixed carpet, such as a Saxony, Berber, looped or Axminster, you’ll normally need the Premier DoubleZ 9, which allows for a lovely 9mm thick pile, when compressed onto the base pins. For exceptionally thick carpets over 13mm, you’ll need the Premier DoubleZ 13.
  • If you have chosen a design of carpet such as a flatweave which is only around 4mm thick, then you’ll need to purchase the Premier DoubleZ 4. This will ensure a good, firm grip and avoid any gap between the carpet and the top of the bar.


  • Don’t assume your fitter will have quality thresholds on his van – they typically don’t and you’ll be stuck with the low quality options.
  • Don’t include your underlay when calculating the thickness of your carpet. The underlay stops short of the carpet door bar.

To request free of charge samples or purchase carpet thresholds, please do visit our online shop.

Posh door threshold joins landing to bedroom carpet in doorway, antique brass
Posh cover plate 38mm in antique brass

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