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New carpet door bars for ultra-thick carpets

If you are thinking of indulging in some luxurious carpet, you are going to need some quality carpet door bars for the doorways. To reflect the increasing demand for ultra-thick pile carpets, we now offer the new Premier Double Z13 (carpet to carpet) and Premier Z13 (carpet to hard flooring) carpet door bars. They are specifically for seriously thick carpets, such as some of the handwoven ranges, sculpted and luxury embossed carpets around today.

Sculpted carpet
Thinking of installing a luxury carpet? Make sure you purchase the correct door thresholds for thick pile

The Premier range of door thresholds features solid brass carpet thresholds and are therefore particularly sturdy. They certainly won’t bend or dent with everyday wear and tear and keep their smart looks. They are also available in an attractive array of finishes – not only the popular polished brasses and chromes but some more subtle effects such as satin nickel, pewter and antique brass.

Carpet door bars for handmade, textured and sculpted carpets

Double Z13 door threshold
The new Double Z13 door bar for ultra thick carpet available in 10 finishes

The Double Z13 carpet threshold features a solid, visible bar, whilst the two side strips with pins fit under the carpet and grip it firmly. For a standard Axminster, quality loop pile or tufted carpet the Premier Double Z9 is normally the right choice. The ‘9’ refers to the approximate thickness in millimetres of the carpet when it is compressed. But for top-end, luxury carpets, such as the handmade Chamba at 2200g/m² and Chatra at 2700g/m² from Jacaranda Carpets or sculpted or textured carpets from specialist companies such as Bosanquet Ives, then you will need the larger Double Z13 carpet threshold bars.

The new Double Z13 carpet door bars are perfect for handmade carpets such as Chatra from Jacaranda Carpets

Update added September 2021

So how thick is thick when it comes to carpet?

This is a common question we get asked on the telephone and therefore thought it worthwhile explaining in a little more detail. As with the ‘9’ reference in the Premier Double Z9, the ’13’ in the name of the Premier Double Z13 carpet to carpet door bar refers to the approximate thickness of the carpet when it is compressed onto the base pins of the threshold bar and is sitting snugly under the visible bar. In effect, this means that the carpet when not compressed is likely to be 17mm or more, dependent on the construction. For instance a soft wool, tufted construction will compress that much more than a tight bouclé.

It is also worth noting that the universal Posh and Cover plate are also perfect for joining two thick carpets. As both sit over the top of the two adjoining edges, creating a saddle between the two carpets, with no base section under the carpets, the only limitation is the length of the screws, which are 25mm long.

The complementing door bar to join carpet to a hard floorcovering is the Premier Z13, which is again available in the ten finishes and ideal for luxury specifications of carpets.

Free samples on request

If you are not sure whether you need the Double Z13 or the standard Double Z9, then please drop us an email at or request a sample on our website and we will be pleased to send out up to two samples free of charge.

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