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What makes Posh door thresholds so popular?

Our top 5 best-selling door thresholds list for last year is headed up by Posh door thresholds – once again. We’ve put together the list for a few years now, based on what our customers say and order, and the 2021 list illustrates that Premier Posh’s versatility and quality continue to appeal universal appeal and the edge on many other designs. Not bad for a solid brass door threshold that we’ve been selling for well over 10 years.

Posh door thresholds joining carpet to tile
Most popular door threshold – the Posh shown in 38mm wide & antique brass. Joins all types of floorcovering.

So what makes the Posh a top seller?

Many of our customers install their own door threshold strips, whilst others employ a fitter. Whichever, the Posh proves forgiving and highly adaptable. Whatever the type of floorcovering you are joining, the Posh will work. So, whether you are joining carpet to carpet, ceramic tiles to laminate, LVT to carpet (to name but a few options), this door threshold strip proves to be a great choice.

Furthermore, it is suitable for joining two floors which are slightly different levels too, an issue which is easily over-looked when choosing a door threshold strip. That’s what I mean, when I say it is forgiving.

Top marks for aesthetics

Manufactured in solid brass, the Posh comes in a great choice of ten different finishes. Chrome, antique brass and polished brass are perennial best sellers. Likewise, black seems to be currently in vogue, along with pewter. The Posh covers over the edges of the two adjoining floorcoverings. Without a door threshold both edges would soon wear and become damaged.

Meanwhile, for anyone fitting them, it is simple to securely fix them to the floor using the supplied screws. These are then hidden by the plain inlay, which self-sticks along the central channel. The end result is a smart- looking door bar with no visible fixing – perfect.

Install Posh door thresholds at any time

In my opinion, this is another great plus for the Posh door bar: you can fit them retrospectively or when the flooring is first put down. So, if you are looking to give your home a bit of TLC or an upgrade and decide that your existing, thin aluminium flooring strips, which get dented so easily, really need to be ripped out, you can replace them with pristine Posh without having to take up the flooring.

What size to choose?

Again, the Posh scores well for size options. It is sold in three widths, 30mm, 38mm and 55mm and will therefore cover up both narrow and wide gaps and work with all styles of door. The aim is to fit any door threshold directly under the closed door and this choice of width allows for most circumstances.

As regards length, they come in 900mm, 1000mm, 1800mm and 2700mm options, which you cut to the desired length with a sharp hack-saw; this great choice of specification means you can both reduce wastage and cut costs.

The Posh door threshold is simply an excellent all-rounder and stands the test of time.

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