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Joining flooring in your home? Find the correct brass threshold strip to do the job

When joining together most types of flooring in a doorway, a quality brass threshold strip is always a good investment. Avoid the dents, dimples and buckles which readily appear in soft aluminium door strips and instead fit a purpose-designed, sturdy brass one which is manufactured to last for many years and enhances your flooring rather than detracts from it.

carpet door threshold, Premier Double Z9, elegantly joins two beige carpets from landing into bedroom
Premier Door Bar Double Z9 to join carpet to carpet shown in pewter finish

Are brass threshold strips long-lasting?

Brass is an alloy made up of copper and zinc, which combined create dense, hardwearing brass. It is the copper content of brass which makes it so valuable and expensive to work and its properties of hardness and workability have long been recognised.

brassalloy of copper and zinc, of historical and enduring importance because of its hardness and workability. The earliest brass, called calamine brass, dates to Neolithic times; it was probably made by reduction of mixtures of zinc ores and copper ores. In ancient documents, such as the Bible, the term brass is often used to denote bronze, the alloy of copper with tin.

Where to use a flooring brass threshold strip

These quality-made threshold bars are excellent for internal use. However, brass can mark or corrode when in contact with water, creating an unwanted patina, therefore it is advisable to avoid external locations or contact with regular moisture such as a wet-room.

Most flooring installations require door threshold strip. The design of these varies depending on the type of flooring and features of the installation such as whether the floors to be joined are level or a different height. For the home, the most popular are as follows:

  • To join floorcoverings in doorways, including carpets, laminate, wood, ceramic tiles, LVT/vinyl and stone, in so doing covering raw edges and helping minimise foot traffic wear and tear. Consider the flooring type(s) you are joining and whether your floors are level, when choosing the appropriate product.
  • To transition from one type of floorcovering to another, which is particularly useful in open-plan areas of the home such as moving from ceramic tiles in the kitchen to an LVT floor in the adjoining living area. We sell the 2700mm extra-long lengths in most designs for such situations.
  • They also cover unsightly gaps which can sometimes emerge due to fitting issues or the retro installation of underfloor heating.
  • Some designs such as the Premier Double Z9 and the Z9 door bar feature a double or single base strip which grips the carpet securely and holds it under tension, helping to avoid rucks in a room.
  • To create a ramp from one level of flooring down or up to another.
  • To finish a right-angled edge for aesthetic purposes.
  • To create a custom-made matwell.
  • To front the lip of a step, otherwise known as a stair nosing.

Appreciate the durability of brass in a variety of finishes

Brass threshold strips in mutli finishes
Premier Euro Floating Door Bars manufactured in solid brass in a fabulous choice of more than 10 finishes

We sell the Premier range of brass door thresholds which are manufactured here in the UK. They are available in three brass effects:  polished, antique and a lightly brushed or satin look. Other finishes in the same range, using the same brass threshold strip, include bronze, black, satin and polished nickel, chrome and brushed chrome and pewter.

If you are not sure which finish is best to complement or contrast with your flooring, it can be useful to take a look at other fittings in the vicinity such as stair rods, light or door fittings and consider a matching finish of threshold strip.

Available lengths from 900mm – 2.7m (35”-106”)

All our homes are different and there are surprisingly few measurements which are standard. This means you will inevitably need to cut down any door threshold you purchase to ensure it neatly fits. Despite brass being a hard-wearing metal, this is achieved (with a bit of muscle power) using a sharp hack-saw.

We offer a good choice of lengths, depending on the selected design 900mm, 1000mm, 1800mm & 2700mm.

How do you fix them to the floor?

If in doubt, employ an experience fitter! For those used to DIY projects, we supply fitting tips for each product on our website. When once most threshold strips would have had to be screwed into the floor, today the availability of industrial strength glues mean that many are instead stuck to the floor. An alternative method is clicking the visible door strip into a hidden channel attached to the floor. Whilst increasingly, self-adhesion is a simple-to-do alternative when joining hard, non-porous surfaces such as LVT, laminate flooring or ceramic tiles.

Style features

Premier Posh door carpet bar, for joining carpets
The Premier Posh joins all types of flooring including carpets

The popular double naplock may be the only brass threshold strip which typically springs to mind. However, there are literally hundreds of different shapes and sizes, designed for a myriad of situations. We have carefully put together an excellent choice specifically for fitting in homes and sold online here (rather than contract use for commercial premises such as shops, transport hubs, hotels and leisure facilities). These include designs for:

  • Joining carpets with or without spiked base plates.
  • Joining carpets to other types of flooring, including wood, LVT, stone, ceramic tiles and laminate.
  • Joining hard types of floorcoverings including LVT, wood, laminate, ceramic and the like.
  • When a slope or gradient is needed to smoothly transition from one floor level to another.
  • Profiles for flooring which float (expands and contracts) such as LVT and wood.
  • Differing widths from minimal, slim thresholds up to 100mm wide ones.
  • Nosings for steps.

The new Ali Tramline range of door bars for vinyls

This new range is made from aluminium rather than brass. The innovative design allows for a strip of vinyl flooring, such as LVT, to be inserted into the door trim and so matches the surrounding flooring.

lvt door bar with inset vinyl strip
An alternative to brass thresholds, the Ali Tramline matches your vinyl flooring

Can you curve internal door bars?

Premier Euro Floating door thresholds, for floating floors, 50mm wide, satin brass

No, quality-made brass ones are designed to be robust and are not suitable to bend.

Do brass door bars come in other colours?

Black door cover plate

There are a variety of options including satin, polished or antique brass, plus polished or brushed chrome, polished or satin nickel, pewter, black or antique bronze.

What is the lead time?

carpet to tile trims in antique brass

Our threshold strips are manufactured in the UK and we ship directly from the factory. Delivery times are shown on each product page but typically are from 4 -5 working days, depending on the finish.

Can you cut them shorter?

Premier Double Z9 cut to length

Yes, use a sharp hack-saw. To start a cut-mark in the metal, mark up with a strip of decorator’s tape to prevent the hack-saw from sliding.

Are longer lengths than 2700mm available?

Premier Z9 threshold transition strip in antique brass joining carpet to patterned tiled floor

No, this is the longest the manufacturers produce and custom sizes are not available. When planning a join, ensure it is not in a prominent position.

How do you clean them

It depends on the finish. For guidance please see the information in our guide to cleaning.

Can you fit internal door carpet thresholds retrospectively?

Posh door thresholds fitted between patterned beige carpet and tiles

Yes, most are suitable for refurb and new flooring installations. We also sell replacement insert strips for the Premier Posh, should you need to take one up and re-fit.

If you require any help in choosing the appropriate product for your situation, we are always happy to try and help@ or T: 0330 113 4909.

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