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Tramline new transition strips for vinyl flooring for the perfect match

The new Ali transition strips for vinyl flooring are a welcome innovation, which mean your vinyl door bars coordinate with the design of your vinyl.

The popularity of lvt, otherwise known as luxury vinyl tiles, as a flooring choice for the home is rising. The vinyl plank look is particularly in vogue, likewise vinyl stone-look tiles and geometric patterns on vinyl. The choice of designs and brands is vast. But how do you join lvt in a doorway or to a different type of flooring in another room?

Minimise the join with matching vinyl door thresholds

laminate and vinyl door strips for joining to carpet
Insert your lvt flooring into the Tramline Z for a perfect match

The Tramline Transition is ideal for joining one lvt floor to another and covers up the join and allows room for the necessary flooring expansion. The Tramline Z is an lvt to carpet transition, like a z bar, and can also be used with laminate flooring too. The concept behind both these transition strips for vinyl flooring is that a section of the actual flooring is fixed into the aluminium threshold. Consequently, you can match up your flooring exactly, including continuing any wood-grain or stone shading from the lvt flooring and across the transition.

Discrete and long lasting lvt door trims

These luxury vinyl door thresholds are smart and designed for performance and looks. They are a big improvement on the traditional wood-look profiles and the cheap expansion ones in aluminium finish. Having spent considerable time and money on having a new flooring fitted in your home, it seems a pity to spoil the effect with cheap-looking and flimsy door strips.

Classic alternative door bars in solid brass

However, if you prefer the look of a more traditional carpet threshold, manufactured in solid brass with a pristine metal finish, then we sell an excellent choice in up to 10 metal finishes. For joining lvt to carpet you can use the Premier Single 9, alternatively take a look at the universal Premier Cover. Both the latter are easy to fit for do-it-yourselfers and are forgiving if you discover your two floors are not quite level with each other.

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