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Pile into carpet edge binding & reduce your waste

Once you discover there is such a product as carpet edge binding, it is easy to get hooked. Because, not only is it great at edging a rug to match your carpet or create a stair runner, but it also proves to be one of those products that is multi-talented. There are lots of uses for it and it is so satisfying to use up all those off-cuts of carpet kept in the loft, just in case.

Making your own rugs is satisfying

Create removable carpets for your caravan, motorhome, boat or yacht, even your car. Once bound with carpet edging tape you can appreciate that luxury feel plus the practicalities of easy-cleaning. Meanwhile, why not edge remnant carpet and make some smart scatter rugs for your shepherd’s hut, garden office or man-shed? Perhaps a fitted liner for your dog’s basket and surely your wellington boots deserve their own special mat…

Overlocking or edging – discover the fashionable option

Rug binding doesn’t sound particularly glamorous, especially if all you have ever seen is overlocking stitch, similar to the samples you see in carpet shops. Also known as “whipped edges”, even when they are newly done they somehow look dated. You normally have to send your carpet off to be whipped too, which can be costly and inconvenient.  Regardless, if you want to create custom-made rugs or runners from remnant broadloom carpet, you will need to seal the edges of your carpet. Otherwise, the carpet edge will fray and soon look tatty.

grey flecked carpet
Overlocking stitch is an alternative rug edging to carpet binding tape

A fashionable alternative solution which ticks all the boxes is a carpet edge tape which has a smart, rope-style designer style to it. Easybind certainly scores highly when it comes to looks and practicality.

Easybind showing peel off reverse strip
Easybind carpet edge tape features a an adhesive strip on the reverse with peel off strip

Easybind takeaways

  • The twisted rope edging is timeless and versatile in its appeal. Whether it is the caravan, dog’s basket or the private yacht, it works equally well. And, it looks integral to the rug, not something which has been tacked on as an after-thought.
  • You can cut your waste and be more sustainable by using up all those carpet off-cuts you kept.
  • There are some 38 colours, including two-tone and three-tone twists. The colours are attractive and the names unusual, to the say the least! Boring beige carpet will never be the same again when contrasted with the rich golden/maroon combination of Doobry or the elegance of Black Spider black. There is also one called Cow Dung, which I believe is amazingly popular!
  • You can make your own rugs with Easybind. It comes attached to a strong backing tape, which is self-adhesive and attaches to the underside of the carpet. All you then need is a hot glue gun to provide an additional bead of glue for a firm front fix.
  • It works on straight lines, curves and corners.
  • And, importantly, it is cost effective.
carpet edge binding in beige on a tartan rug with wooden chair
Carpet edged with Easybind turn off-cuts into elegant rugs

Cost effective

Easybind is currently available from around £6.10 per linear meter. A quick measure up of the external dimension of your rug will give you the total cost.

  • For example: a rectangular piece of carpet measuring 60 x 90 cms requires 3m of Easybind rug edging. So, for around £18.30 for the rug edging you can make yourself a smart, matching door mat to protect your new hall carpet.
  • And, if you want to make a large, 150 cms diameter circular rug, the carpet binding you will require for the circumference will be just under 5m, making £30.00 in total.

As I say, once you know about carpet edge binding, there’s no looking back!

I’ve even seen pictures of an enviably comfortable church pew cushion, complete with matching carpet edging.

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