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Laminate Flooring Threshold Strips to Join Floors the Professional Way

The question of which laminate flooring threshold strips to use in an internal doorway depends on a number of factors:

What is the type of flooring you are joining to?

If you are joining a laminate floor to a carpet, then first check if the two are level with each other. If they are, a quality Z bar will work well – it grips the carpet on the one side and then pulls it under tension whilst on the other the visible bar neatly sits over the edge of the laminate.

Alternatively, use a square profile, such as the Premier SQ or the AL/Cap It. These differ to a Z-bar only in as much as they both butt up against the edge of the laminate. In the case of the square edge ones, your laminate edge will be visible and therefore needs to be neat. These particular floor trims can be either screwed into your base floor or stuck down.

Feline1 Brass laminate floor edging
The Feline 1 is a Deluxe finished Z bar

Stick-down laminate flooring threshold strips

If you are joining two hard floors, such laminate with ceramic tiles, and both are level with each other, then there are some excellent laminate floor edging solutions which are self-adhesive. Simple to cut with a sharp hack-saw and then peel off the strip on the back and stick down, first making sure that the two surfaces are clean and dry.

Floating floors

If either of your floors is “floating” i.e. it will expand and contract with a change of humidity and temperature, then use the Floating Euro; otherwise the standard Euro is fine. The Floating Euro is available in 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm width options, whereas the Euro is offered in the 30mm width only, and both come in a choice of three lengths and ten metal finishes.

Premier Trim Euro Cover Non Floating Laminate Floor Edging
The Euro floor trim is self-adhesive & easy to fit

But my laminate floor is lower than the other floor – what do I do?

This is a common issue!

Providing both your floors are hard e.g. laminate, wood and ceramic and the difference in levels is no more than 2 cm, you can use a Ramp or 2 Way Ramp. The 2 Way Ramp caters for height differences of up to and including 9mm (almost 1cm) and the Premier Ramp will cater from 10 to 20 mm (2 cm).

Again, these trims have been designed for ease of installation and are self-adhesive with no screws. Simply cut-to-length with a sharp hack-saw, check all surfaces are clean and dry, and then remove the peel back strip on the back of the floor trim and fix in place. They are extremely neat and smart and are made of solid brass in a number of attractive metal finishes.

The 2 Way Ramp Laminate Floor Edging
The 2 Way Ramp joins hard floors with up to 9 mm difference in height

All my doorways are different and I want them to match up

For anyone who is really not sure what to choose or wants all their floor trims to match, we recommend using a cover plate. A cover plate sits over the top of the two floor types to be joined. These work with all types of flooring, including laminate, wood, carpet, stone and the like and can even join floors which are not quite level with each other. They are therefore pretty much universal in their application and there are three main options:

Premier Trim Cover plate
The Premier Coverplate has visible screws as a design feature

The Posh cover plate: this is attached to the floor with screws which are then hidden by a supplied, insert strip. The strip matches whichever metal finish you have chosen. These are made from solid brass and offered in ten different finishes, including plated chrome and brushed chrome and come in two different widths: 38mm and 5mm.

Posh door threshold in antique bronze
The Posh cover plate has an insert strip to hide the fixing screws

All the above laminate floor edging floor trims and door thresholds are sold online on the Carpetrunners website and are delivered nationwide.

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