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10 Value Flooring Ideas

Changing your flooring can seem a bit daunting and sounds expensive. But here we explore 10 value flooring ideas which don’t cost the earth and are easily achievable and look fabulous.

1. Investing in a new carpet, wood floor or stair runner can be expensive

A great alternative is to paint your floorboards instead. You can choose a single colour or create a pattern. Not such a warm option as carpet and you may need to sand your boards first but you can transform a room. I love the Little Greene company paints.

Flooring ideas from
Little Greene offers some great floor paint colours

2. Fit some stair rods up the staircase

They provide a focal point and give the illusion of making a staircase appear wider. Available for fitted and runner stair carpets, they don’t have to cost the earth. Take a look at the Homepride or Jubilee stair rods which start at just £9.95 each including brackets. They also divert attention away from what could be a pretty boring stair carpet.

Buy Homepride stair rods online. Free delivery
Stair rods add a decorative design element to pep up a staircase

3. Another idea which is easy to do yourself is to make your own rug or runner by using up some old remnant carpet

The Easybind range of trims is fabulous and come in loads of gorgeous colours. Choose a colour of trim that is vibrant and contrasts with the carpet to create an eye-catching design feature. It’s inexpensive to do and you can afford to have fun and be a bit whacky!

4. Some flooring ideas are obvious and have been on your “to do” list for years. Yes, it’s time to rip up those horrid bent and bashed up door bars

Replace them with some matching, smart Premier Trims. The Premier range is made of solid brass, are really sturdy (so, no problem with the hoover or kids’ bikes) and come in ten great finishes, including fashionable brushed chrome and black. It is far cheaper to smarten up the overall look by changing the door bars rather than investing in new flooring.

value flooring ideas Premier Trim
Top flooring idea is to upgrade your door bars so they all match

5. Clean your carpets

However vigilant you are about taking off your shoes, carpets get dirty. Hiring a professional to come in and clean your carpets is a low cost solution to re-vamping a room. You may be surprised what pattern is lurking under the grime!

6. Ceramic tiles can be a relatively cheap and very effective alternative to wood floors

And, they are so much easier to maintain – a quick wipe clean and you are sorted. They are also a great conductor of heat if you have underfloor heating. Companies like Craven Dunnill offer a wide selection of wood-look porcelain floor tiles from around £30m². The new Petit Parquet range is a great example. It can be fitted in any number of different patterns, including chevron and basket weave and block – all very in vogue.

Top flooring Ideas from Carpetrunners
These wood-look Petit Parquet tiles look authentic & are practical

7. Tidy up those shoddy joins between different rooms with some fit-for-purpose door thresholds

The rough tile step which just “appeared” when the bathroom guys replaced your floor and didn’t realise it would end up 10mm higher than your landing floor. Or the frayed edge of the carpet where it joins the new parquet floor going into the dining room. You know where I mean!

8. Tap in some Easy Studs to create a flooring feature

They are great fun and add a touch of style for under £20! However, just make sure you don’t tap into any underfloor heating!

carpet studs - chrome
These cheap carpet studs make fun flooring ideas

9. Sand and paint your floorboards

Yes, it takes time but it can look amazing. There are some fabulous paint colours for floor paint and you can go mad!

10. Buy a rug and cover up those annoying stains

Modern-Rugs has an endless choice at affordable prices.

Flooring ideas to transform your home. Buy online.
Modern Rugs offer a vast choice of cheap rugs

So, have some fun this coming year and try out some new flooring ideas in your home!

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