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Hallway Runners that are Affordable & Look Stunning

Hallway runners come in all sort of designs and sizes. Most runners you can buy online or in the shops are pre-cut to a fixed width and length. Regardless of the size of your hallway, the idea is that one of the popular sizes should do. The only problem is that, quite often, the off-the-shelf sizes do not account for the idiosyncrasies of the standard home.

These include dog legs, hallways which are more like narrow passageways and those which are dominated by the staircase and have little space beyond a turning circle for the dog.

Easybind rug edging
Make your own hallway runners with Easybind

That is why Easybind proves to be such a popular option. It means you can have a bespoke hall runner, made-to-measure for a fraction of the price of a bespoke made carpet.

How to make your own hallway runners

Easybind has been around for years and has solved many a householder’s problems. It’s a professional trim for neatly finishing off the cut edge of a carpet. It is commonly used in both residential and contract locations. All you need is some remnant carpet, a length of Easybind, a glue gun and a few minutes and you can make yourself a smart hall runner.

You can normally pick up remnant carpet at wholesalers and the retail park sheds at a significant discount off the normal price. A good source is when you have a new carpet fitted elsewhere in the house – a bedroom or living room. The standard width for carpet off the roll is 5m wide and inevitably you end up with a neat pile of off-cuts when your fitter has finished. Instead of chucking them out, lining your car boot or covering your compost heap, you can turn them into excellent runners and rugs.

Easybind in Doobry carpet binding for hall runners

The range of colours in the Easybind range is excellent, although I must admit the names of them are rather quirky! Black Spider troubles some, Green Peter sounds friendly, whilst Golden Bumble describes how many of us feel. Surprisingly, Cow Dung is our top seller with Johns Moth a close second! I was once told that the names were all to do with the world of fly-fishing but I’ve never checked them all out.

On-trend colour options for runners this season

Depending on which style guru you follow, the on-trend styles for carpet this winter include shades of grey, Nordic tones, vintage styling and midnight blue. Regardless, I know Easybind will have a colour to suit, including Cow Dung and Grey Dunn which have a wonderful facility of being able to tone in with virtually any carpet in the marketplace. And remember, a contrasting trim can perk up the most boring of off-cuts. Beige in particular benefits from a little imagination. The two-tone Easybind colourways such as Cinnamon and Gold and Doobry are particularly good at adding a jewel-like, luxurious touch to your hall.

easybind carpet binding in brown colours

If DIY is not your strength, then you can always ask your carpet fitter to apply the Easybind for you. Many of them have been using it for years and are expert. However, it is an easy craft job to do yourself, even going around corners, so be brave. You can use it on wool, synthetic and wool mix carpet, plus natural flooring. Customers report that the tighter the weave of the natural flooring, the more successful you are likely to be.

Another option for creating bespoke hallway runners is having a bordered one made up. They can work out pretty expensive but do look smart. Crucial Trading and The Alternative Flooring Company both offer a service and border options include cotton chenille, leather, linen twill and cotton herringbone in a variety of colours. However, if you yearn for yesteryear you may like to send your hallway runners off to be whipped with a traditional over-locking stitch. In my view very boring, but we all have different tastes!

For further inspirational ideas about how to use Easybind, read this article.

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