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Spotlight On-Trend Easybind Carpet Binding for 2020

Colour plays such an important part when it comes to transforming a room from something nondescript into a space that has personality and ambience. Adding one or two rugs is an easy way to introduce colour into a room and the Easybind carpet binding is an excellent way to achieve this cost-effectively.

Available in 38 colours, Easybind is sold by the linear metre, so you can order exactly what you need.  What’s more, you can turn a piece of remnant carpet into a statement rug and have some creative fun. Here we highlight a few of the Easybind colours which pick up on the official colour trends for 2020. Pick one of these options and introduce a fashionable accent into your room for 2020.

Champagne is the new cool grey

For the last few years, pale grey has been the neutral everyone has turned to. Grey is now being superceded by a champagne hue, which is warmer in tone and said to have a calming effect on décor.  In the Easybind range of carpet trim, take a look at Heather Moth and John’s Moth for a similar palette. Try matching to a self-patterned creamy rug for a luxurious feel.

Easybind carpet binding 3 trend colours for 2020
From left to right: Doobry, Grouse & Claret, Heather’s Moth

Get cosy with deep rich red carpet edge binding

This colour forecast is particularly suited for autumn and winter decorating. Be bold and deep reds can create a wonderfully cosy and opulent feel to a room. The Doobry shade of carpet binding tape combines a rich gold twist with deep red and looks fabulous on a gold-coloured rug. Meanwhile, Grouse & Claret introduces a touch of maroon to a room, which complements pale greys, silvers, golds and beige tones.

For a natural feel introduce hints of olive green

Olive green evokes nature and a fresh note and is predicted to be a popular accent tone for 2020.  In fact, Dulux has announced Tranquil Dawn, a soft green, is its colour for 2020. The two-tone Olive Dunn or Green Peter Easybind provides smart edging to a plain carpet; the twisted colour combinations creating a subtle design feature. Both options work well with both green and neutral tones.

Easybind carpet binding shown in Olive Dunn
Olive Dunn

Think chic pinstripes with charcoal grey

So having moved away from pale greys as background colours, the interior design world is predicting that charcoal grey will be appearing more in décor schemes. The Easybind carpet binding collection offers a good choice of greys, including Silver Doctor which is a deep grey with a sheen, and Grey Duster which introduces a deep, dusky note.

Easybind carpet edging grey tones
From left to right: Wulf Grey, Silver Muddler

If you are not sure which Easybind colour is right for your project, you can ask for a sample or two and we’ll be pleased to help.

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