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Carpet Binding Solutions You Can Do at Home

From mending frayed rugs to creating fitted carpets for a motorhome or boat, lots of people are turning to carpet binding solutions they can do at home. The versatile Easybind method of carpet binding proves popular with home owners, who in the process reveal their own hidden creative talents and practical skills. Give it a go and surprise yourself!

Likewise, this recent customer review will inspire anyone to have a go:

I am really pleased with the Easy bind product. Even being terrible at DIY I produced a very acceptable result after following the video instructions. Will certainly be using again. 
Easybind carpet edging green striped supplied any length
Easybind carpet edging is supplied attached to self-adhesive backing tape

During lockdown many of us discovered that doing some diy or taking up a home craft project can be enjoyable and extremely satisfying. Even those who profess never to have attempted any home improvements or repairs enthuse about the Easybind carpet binding solution. Unable to find a carpet binding service nor arrange to send off their carpet for carpet whipping, what do you do? Undaunted, people ordered their Easybind online, borrowed a glue gun or bought a carpet binding kit and got cracking themselves.

Try these 7 practical carpet binding ideas:

carpet binding solutions motorhome carpets prepared with binding
Easybind carpet trim is perfect for edging motorhome carpets which need regularly taking up
  1. Edge a carpet stair runner. Choose a colour to complement the colours in the stair runner. Then set it off against a contrasting-coloured, painted staircase
  2. Repair that frayed rug you’ve been meaning to get to. Simply, cut off frayed edges and apply Easybind to smartly edge a tired rug (not suitable for flatweaves).
  3. Make your own removable carpets for a motorhome or caravan and as a result save yourself money. Template and then make-to-measure fitted carpets for the various areas of your motorhome. And then, edge each one with matching Easybind for a professional finish. This is an ideal for taking up over the winter whilst your motorhome is not in use and putting back down the next season.
  4. Produce your own made-to-measure rugs from remnant carpet. Convert remnant carpet into rugs of any size or shape to suit your home. It’s cheap to do and so satisfying to use up spare carpet.
  5. Finish off an cut carpet edge and turn into a feature e.g. at the bottom of a stair runner, along a landing.
  6. Edge a cut carpet for an inset entrance rug.
  7. Make up an attractive and useful pew or bench kneeler from a piece of carpet or edge a tapestry seat cushion. Nowadays, finding an edging service to do such jobs can be a struggle. Using Easybind, it’s simple to do yourself and cost-effective.
  8. Transform a yacht’s living quarters with made-to-measure carpets that can easily be removed. Typically, bespoke carpet binding solutions for yachts can be expensive. And so, using Easybind, you can edge curved and awkward angles and create fitted flooring yourself which looks smart and can be removed for cleaning and access.
carpet edge binding used to adorn a pew seat
This church kneeler features contrasting Easybind which hides the seam

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