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Get Creative with Colourful Rug Binding Tape

A simple do-it-yourself option to refresh a space in your home is to make some scatter rugs edged with an attractive rope-style rug binding tape. By using up remnant carpet, you can introduce some fashionable accent colours to your home without breaking the bank. What’s more, binding rugs is a satisfying craft project you can do at home.

Dusky blue rug binding tape applied to a tartan rug on a wooden floor
Create your own scatter rugs with colourful rope edging

Find some carpet remnants

You will need some pieces of off-cut carpet, either saved from the last time you had carpets fitted in your home or perhaps acquired from a friend or relative. Alternatively, if you know a local fitter or carpet store, they may have some small, leftover pieces of carpet from larger carpet installations which they would otherwise be throwing away.

If your home is relatively small, making two or more matching rugs to distribute around your house is a great way to create a sense of flow and continuity.

Time to rev up your colour palette

Even if your colour palette for your home is natural tones, it can be fun to ring the changes with some accent colours. For inspiration, it is worth considering using a colour wheel or colour app to find some exciting colours to contrast with the carpet and palette of your room. Alternatively, if the carpet is a fairly neutral tone, you could pick out an accent colour from other items in the room such as a picture, decorative item or wallpaper.

Carpet edging in a choice of jewel-like tones on a rope-like binding
The choice of jewel-like accent colours in the Easybind rug-binding range is irrisistible

Contrast or complement

It can be tempting to try and match the carpet binding to the colour of the carpet.  However, making your own rugs offers the perfect opportunity to be different to what is available in the shops. So, why not be a little more daring and be bold with your colour choices for once? The rope carpet edging range featured here comes in a fabulous array of single-colours, two and three-tones.

Watch the video and get useful application tips

The Easybind carpet edging is self-adhesive and sticks to the reverse of your carpet, butting up against the raw carpet edge. You don’t even have to iron it on, simple peel off the protective strip and apply it to the backing of your carpet. On the front, a bead of hot glue neatly finishes the job. To see how it works and pick up some tips, it is best to watch the manufacturer’s video first – scroll down this page to watch it.

 Check you have the relevant tools before commencing

So, having ordered your binding, check you have to hand the required tools to tackle the job. The main one is a hot-glue gun, which many people who do crafts already own. Alternatively, you can purchase at a DIY store or online here. Other tools which will come in handy are: scissors, tape measure, marker pen, sticky tape and a sharp knife.

carpet binding kit to make rugs at home
Tools you will need to to d0-it-yourself apply rug binding tape

Have fun and good luck!

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