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Which is the Best Carpet to Carpet Threshold for Looks & Design?

A recent conversation with a customer about finding an appropriate, high quality carpet to carpet threshold for his home highlighted a common dilemma. He told us that he had nothing against his local DIY mega store but he wanted carpet door bars that are solid and look much better quality than the carpet door strips they sell as “my wife deserves wow”.  

With this in mind, in this blog we put the spotlight on a couple of options for those hunting for excellent quality and great style, and who do not like the cheap-looking aluminium door threshold strips. The “yellow, metal ones” seem to attract particular criticism!

Which attributes deliver a punch when choosing door thresholds?

According to product reviews, customers are particularly impressed with carpet to carpet door bars that feel “solid”. They appreciate how weighty they feel and how sturdy they are, both hallmarks of something which will stand the test of time. Likewise, appearances matter and a choice of “beautiful” finishes is desirable. Meanwhile, the design needs to be exceptional: sleek, smooth and elegant.

Finally, delivery time is key for many customers, with most satisfied to wait a week for a quality-made door threshold to despatched. It is also good to know they are shipped direct from the UK manufacturer.

The elegant Premier Double Z9 for long-lasting style

Top of the carpet to carpet threshold list is the Premier Double Z9. This comprises a visible solid bar which sits between the two carpets. Meanwhile, the needled base section grips the underside of the carpet and holds the carpet in place and under tension.

Carpet to carpet threshold in polished brass shwon joining a brown tufted carpet
The Premier Double Z9 shown in situ and loose – recommended for top quality and appearance

This door Double Z9 carpet bar is manufactured in solid brass and the hidden base section is made from solid aluminium. The combination makes it impressively weighty when you pick it up and it has a reassuringly solid presence.

Designed for a long life, the Double Z9 has elegant, bevelled edges which nestle into your carpet pile. Supplied in four alternative lengths from 900mm long to 2.7m, they are delivered, robustly packaged for transit. They are also supplied with mdf spacers to enable a fitter to lift the height of the door threshold by a few millimetres, if necessary. This can be useful for thicker carpets.

This particular Premier brand offers an excellent selection of 10 finishes, including polished, satin and antique and a warm antique bronze, a dazzling polished plus brushed chrome, a textured black, the subtle hues of satin or polished nickel and a mid-range pewter.

The Premier range of door thresholds is extensive. Therefore, co-ordinating door bars throughout your home is an attractive option. In fact, the Double Z9 easily converts to a Z bar for joining carpet to a hard floorcovering such as wood or ceramic tiles: a useful option.  However, just be aware that these door thresholds are hand-finished in batches and therefore may vary slightly over time. Likewise, finishes such as the polished brass may tarnish and require cleaning from time to time.

The pristine Feline 2 for those looking for the ultimate

This option is seriously deluxe and appeals to those looking for the ultimate. Like the Premier Z9, the Feline 2 is designed to join carpets which are fitted on the same level as each other. This design is manufactured entirely from solid brass, both the visible bar and the gripping base section which lies under the carpets.

The finishes are fabulous but limited to the most popular colours of polished brass, antique brass, a deep antique bronze and a brilliant polished chrome. Complementing products include the Feline 1, which is a Z door bar used to transition from a carpet to a hard floorcovering such as ceramic tiles, wood, laminate, or stone.

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And for more information about carpet to carpet thresholds, door thresholds and specialist door bars and ramps please visit the website.

Posh delivers top performance and flexibility

Since writing this blog over a year ago, tastes seem to be moving on and we find that the Premier Posh is by far the most popular carpet to carpet threshold we sell. The reason? Certainly, it gets a big-tick-in-the-box for quality as it is made of solid brass and, like the rest of the Premier range, there is a choice of ten finishes.

However, the Posh appears to be rank so highly because it is so universal in its application. Not only does it provide a smart transition between carpets but also carpet to a hard floorcovering, and between any types of hard floorcoverings. Furthermore, it caters for slight height differences between floor levels which can appear unexpectedly at the time of flooring installation.

So, the Posh seems to appeal because it is universally suitable for most situations…AND looks superbly smart.

Posh door threshold, universal applications, on carpet to carpet
Posh door threshold joins any type of floorcovering and has broad appeal

Rated 5-stars by customers