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Embrace retro with chrome carpet trims

Love the look of pristine, beautifully polished chrome carpet trims? Then you are not alone. Whilst for some it may feel like a step back to the 80’s, chrome, the aesthetic of chrome door thresholds can add pizzazz and drama to today’s home. Here we tap into the vibe and suggest how to integrate chrome door thresholds into your decorating scheme.

Steely and light

Think silver toned metal, clean lines and an eye-catching reflective quality that brings an appealing sense of light into a room. The natural palette to associate with chrome is that of greys and mono colours. However, whilst some may say think the overall effect can appear a little cold, even steel-like in certain lights, when used in conjunction with other textures and colours, the effect can be warming, providing a balancing contrast. Be brave, as polished chrome is supremely flexible when it comes to décor schemes.

Make the climb dramatic with chrome stair carpet trims

The days of attaching a stair runner to a staircase with brass stair rods are long gone: today stair rods are all about style*.  In consequence, designs have become more adventurous and the options in finishes have multiplied. Polished chrome runner rods with fancy finials (decorative ends) provide a repeating and striking addition to a staircase, transforming what otherwise can be simply a dull, functional space. They work particularly well in conjunction with the current vogue for colour blocking.

*Should you be wondering what does actually fix your runner in place, it is those strips of gripper under the carpet, which are similarly used to hold carpet in place in a room.

Polished chrome stair rods with sphere finials on charcoal stair runner
Add instant style with chrome Sphere stair rods

Plain coloured carpets are always popular, whether a timeless natural tone or an on-trend ruby red, fashionable lilac or a calming white. Not sure your block-coloured, painted staircase walls and bannisters deliver on the drama aesthetic? Then introducing polished chrome stair rods is a useful way to create a diversion and pep up the overall look.

Nurture a Nordic feel

In recent years, here in the UK the Nordic genre of interiors has proved popular and we have successfully melded aspects of it to our British tastes. Today, it is equally compelling in a 17th century, beamed cottage as an urban new-build townhouse. When it comes to flooring, soft, plain, light tones help achieve the uncluttered Nordic look, whilst natural tones help create a calming ambience.  Whether flooring is carpet, luxury vinyl, wood or concrete, polished chrome door thresholds accentuate the overall effect of lightness and contribute to the desired stripped back Nordic styling.

Chrome carpet trims joining plate with featured screws in chrome
Stylish Premier Cover in chrome & 55mm wide reflects the light

Decorate with accents

Spend some time bringing together a selection of decorative accents for a room. Get it right and these will bring character and pizzazz to your decorating scheme. Chrome as an accent embellishment in a room can be used to introduce clean lines and a glamorous, shiny aesthetic; this is particularly true of a polished chrome door bar which marks the entrance to a room. Reinforce the look by adding a few complimenting embellishments in the room, such as a solo chair with chrome stair legs, mirror-finished photo frames adorning a shelf or a retro, or a chrome-finished anglepoise lamp.

Where to purchase chrome carpet trims

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