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When to use metal floor transition strips

Metal floor transition strips come in a wide choice of profile shapes and serve numerous functions. Perhaps best known for joining carpets across a doorway, today, designs cater for all types of floorcoverings and scenarios. Whether you need to cover a gap between floorcoverings, smoothly transition between different levels or join flooring in doorways and across rooms, there are innovative and engineered door thresholds and trims in an array of metal finishes.

floor transition strips metal showing 4 different finishes on a tiled floor
Unlock designer-look metal transition strips in a wide choice of colours

Add a personal touch with exclusive metal finishes

The base metal varies, dependent on the quality of the floor transition strips. Thin aluminium door bars provide a quick, low cost fix but may dent and bend easily. Meanwhile, solid brass options are designed for longevity and looks. They deliver innovative solutions to common flooring problems and a wealth of metal finishes from polished brass to black, brushed chrome to pewter. Never has there been such scope to bring your own personal styling to the functional door bar.

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Combine looks with functionality

The prime functions of door threshold strips are to securely join the edges of connecting floorcoverings and prevent them from premature wear, whilst covering any gaps. When connecting two carpets the Premier Double Z9’s spiked base strips also help fix the carpets to the subfloor and prevent rucks and creases.

Meanwhile, products such as the Premier Z9, Single 9 and the SQ have a dual role when joining carpet to a hard floor surface such as wood, laminate vinyl and ceramic tiles. On the one side, the spiked base delivers similar benefits to the above Double Z9 carpet metal door bars. Meanwhile, the visible covering bar simply sits over the top of the adjoining hard floorcovering. Simple and smart.

Self-adhesive options that cope with underfloor heating

When fixing door thresholds to subfloors, there is a risk that fixing nails or screws will pierce underfloor heating in the vicinity. It is best therefore to opt for self-adhesive options when possible such as the Premier Euro Floating. This product works with hard flooring, including those that “float” such as click-method fixing, and comes in a choice of widths and finishes. Likewise, specialist floor trims such as the Floating Vinyl Edge. If you are joining carpet, you can use the popular Premier Double Z9 or Premier Z9, but just make sure your fitter uses a propriety glue to stick them to the subfloor rather than screwing them in.

However, note that the adhesion of such door bars is strong and not designed for taking up and then re-fitting.

Door thresholds that complement contemporary floorcovering

Luxury vinyl is ever more popular as a floorcovering in the home from stairs to kitchens, halls to playrooms. In turn, the fashion has inspired innovative designs of door threshold bars which feature a strip of the floorcovering’s patterned surface, encased in a metal threshold shaped frame. Discrete and secure, the Ali range includes the Tramline Z, Transition, Reducer and End and works with both LVT (luxury vinyls) and laminates.

Z door threshold bar joining LVT vinyl with carpet with inlay strip
This matching flooring and inlay door strip create a discrete join

Floor transition strips in metal that solve the different floor level conundrum

Retrospectively fitted underfloor heating in specific rooms, such as a bathroom or kitchen, ensures warm toes but can result in a floor level higher than a neighbouring room. Likewise, thick porcelain tiles fixed to a previously fitted tiled floor has a similar result.  Avoiding a small step, which in turn can become a trip hazard, then becomes an issue.

Thankfully, the 2 way Ramps (2-10mm elevation) and Ramps (12-20mm elevation) provide a neat solution when working with hard floorcoverings such as laminate, ceramic, vinyl or smooth, or non-porous stone. For carpets, then the Compression Ramp solves a 5mm height difference or the Easyshims create a support wedge under a carpet and underlay to lift them up to the level of the neighbouring floor surface.

Create joins that are unobtrusive or even almost invisible

There is a wide choice of finish offered in the quality, metal floor transition strip ranges. This choice provides homeowners with the opportunity to complement other metals featured in the same room or contrast with the floorcovering. They can become a feature which enhances the overall look of the room.

However, a more minimalist look appeals to others. We therefore recommend the slim line carpet Premier Slim Z and Premier Slim D carpet grippers. Meanwhile, the new Ali Tramline range of threshold strips become almost invisible when working with laminate or vinyl floorcoverings. Simply, peel of the surface of the flooring and insert into the metal casing to achieve a streamlined look and appealing perfect match.

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