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Fit Radiator Pipe Covers to Hide the Ugly Hole

Radiator pipe collars hide the expansion hole around the base of a radiator pipe. One of those nice-to-have innovations that is simple and yet so useful. They provide a finishing touch to a home which makes all the difference, whatever the room. What’s more, there are some appealing designs.

Pipe covers are ideal for fitting retrospectively or at the time of the installation of the radiator. They clip around the radiator pipe and lie flat on top of the floor. Straightaway, the hole disappears resulting in a smart, professional finish. What’s more, they work regardless of what type of flooring you have, including porcelain tiles, vinyl, composite, wood, stone or even carpet.

Brushed chrome radiator pipe collar oblong
Choose from 7 designs including this Oblong option shown in chrome

Prevent debris collecting around the pipe

It is surprising just how much debris the hole around the radiator pipework gathers over time. Dirt, bits of excess glue from the flooring installation, paint splodges, insects, pills, larvae and so the list goes on! The gap is inevitable and allows for expansion of the pipes when they heat up and contract as they cool down and certainly do not look attractive.

Pipe cover sizes for standard heating systems

Typically, home radiator installations for a modern central heating system use 15mm diameter pipework, made of copper. Meanwhile, those for the main pipes from the boiler can be 22mm or 28mm, whilst microbore pipes are just 8mm but far less commonly used.

All of the pipe collars and radiator pipe covers featured here are designed for the popular 15mm diameter heating pipes. Whilst the central hole is standard and suitable for a 15mm radiator pipe, the total diameter of the pipe covers varies depending on the design. For instance, the Floret design, which features stylised petals, has a total diameter to the edge of the petals of 70mm. Meanwhile, the more compact Sphere measures just 45mm across.

When choosing your design, make sure you have sufficient space between the radiator pipe and the skirting board or wall.

Universal pipe collars for all types of floorcovering

Our pipe covers come in two sections and fit together, rather like a jigsaw. There’s no glue or screws involved as they simply clip together around the pipe, held in place by the radiator pipe.

There are 7 designs from which to choose, all available in 7 different metal finishes. For those who appreciated understated style, then the Square, Sphere and Oblong will probably appeal. In contrast, for those looking to add a touch more character to their home then the Star, Floret and Floret designs are engaging. And, for those who enjoy love in the air, then the Heart design will bring a smile.

Recessed Ali Pipe Covers that match your flooring

The Ali Pipe Covers not only cover the hole around the pipe but also match the pattern of your flooring. Ideal for when the floorcovering is luxury vinyl (LVT) or laminate. It is worth the effort to cut a section of flooring and insert it before neatly fixing around the pipes.

While you are finishing your look, you might want to look at corner protectors, otherwise known as Skiffers. They are perfect to finish the look of a room but are also practical in order to protect bashes or bumps on the edges of your skirting.

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