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The 5 chrome carpet trim everyone needs in their home

In this article, we highlight the 5 most popular chrome carpet trim, which are all top-notch quality, and explain what makes them such firm favourites with home owners. Chrome is currently an in vogue colour and is typically supplied polished with a sparkling, shiny surface. Brushed chrome is also an option but these have a more satin or grainy look to them.

When it comes to transitioning from one carpet to another or joining up a carpet to another type of floorcovering such as vinyl or wood in a doorway or across a room, carpet thresholds and trims are required. The main reasons they are used are that:

  • They cover raw and cut edges where the two floorcoverings meet up. In so doing, they prevent the carpet fraying back or the edge of the flooring chipping away with over time.
  • They create a smooth, safe transition in order to avoid trip hazards.
  • Some designs also hold the carpet in place with needled base sections and therefore help avoid rucks forming.
  • Some are designed to cater for height differences between the two floorcoverings.

1. The Premier Double Z9 that elegantly joins carpets

Chrome carpet trim in brushed chrome Double Z carpet to carpet
The Premier Double Z9 in brushed chrome is perfect for joining up a carpet with hard floorcovering such as wood, laminate, ceramic tiles
  • A must for anyone joining up two carpets together, in a doorway or across a room when both are level with each other.
  • This is the quality alternative chrome door bar to the cheap versions, which often dent and scuff up, typically supplied by fitters and carpet shops.
  • Eye-catching, high quality polished chrome finish, made in solid brass to ensure it will last and stay looking good for years to come.
  • Features needled base sections that fit under the carpets and fix the carpets firmly in place.
  • Screw, nail or glue to base floor.
  • The “9” refers to the thickness of the carpet but also versions available for thinner carpet or natural flooring and super-thick carpets.
  • Converts easily to the Premier Z9 which is ideal for transitioning from a carpet to a hard floorcovering such as ceramic tiles, wood, laminate.

2. The Posh universal plate that works for most installations

Chrome door trim to transition from carpet to wood with matching inset strip
The Posh chrome transition works with all types of floorcovering – a good all-rounder
  • The Posh is a universal design of carpet door bars which works with carpets, laminate, tiles, wood, vinyl and can handle small differences in height between the floorcoverings. If in doubt, choose the Posh!
  • These simply screw over the top of the two flooring edges; so, no need to insert anything under the floorcoverings.
  • Screw to floor, so be careful if you have underfloor heating in the area.
  • Matching chrome inset strip hides the fixing screws to create a continuous, attractive transition.
  • If you’ve got an extra wide gap then Posh is a great solution as it comes 30mm, 38mm and 55mm wide.

3. The Compression Ramp is ideal when your carpet is not level with the adjoining floor

Premier Carpet Ramp, chrome carpet bar, sloped transition strip for joining carpet at different levels, Chrome
Gently drop or rise 5mm from one height of floor to your carpet with the Compression Ramp
  • This is a sloped chrome door bar that carpet when there is a small 5mm step between the two floors to be joined.
  • Ideal when transitioning from a carpet to a hard floorcovering such as timber, vinyl, porcelain tiles or laminate.
  • Just 31mm wide and offered in 4 alternative lengths which you can cut to size.
  • If your difference in height between your two floors is more than 0.5cms, the Easyshim wedge under your carpet is an innovative solution that works in conjunction with the Compression Ramp.
  • Shiny, hard-wearing chrome colour and made from solid brass for longevity. Also available in an attractive lightly brushed chrome.
  • A neat solution when renovations such as replacing floor tiles with thicker ones have resulted in different floor levels.

4. Match the door trim to your floor pattern – the Ali Tramline Z provides a matching join to your vinyl or laminate floor

carpet threshold for joining to laminate in chrome
The Ali Tramline Z shown in chrome is barely visible and perfect for transitioning from a vinyl floor to carpet
  • We include this in our top 5 chrome carpet trims as it caters specifically for the trend in new types of vinyl flooring, including WPC and SPC core vinyl floors, plus LVT and laminates. Use when joining a vinyl or laminate floorcovering to a carpeted floor.
  • Instead of using a solid metal joining strip, the Ali Tramline features a frame in which you slot a strip of your vinyl or laminate flooring flooring.
  • Manufactured in robust aluminium – top quality that does not easily bend or dent.
  • Little of the metal frame shows meaning your chrome carpet trim is discrete. 

5. The Single 9 chrome carpet trim with curved edge for joining a carpet with vinyl floorcovering

Carpet to vinyl  chrome door bar joining beige carpet to wood-look vinyl
This Single transition strip dazzles in chrome and has a gentle curved edge which slopes down from the carpet pile
  • This door profile has a rounded leading edge which slopes down from the squishy pile of a carpet down to the thinner construction of flooring such as vinyl or even exposed floorboards. In so doing, the design overcomes the natural trip hazard of the raised edge.
  • Screw, nail or glue to the base floor.
  • Pristine, fashionable chrome colour helps create a smart entrance to a room.
  • Useful in open-plan rooms where the flooring transitions from a carpet to vinyl.
  • This chrome carpet trim is part of the Premier range of carpet door bars, meaning you can match up design style and chrome finishes throughout your house.
  • Also available for thinner carpet or natural flooring and extra thick carpets.

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