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The Ultimate in Quality Stair Rods for the Home

Discover what attributes to look for when choosing your carpet runner rods

Having chosen a smart carpet runner for your staircase, the next question is which stair rods to install.? Do you opt for quality stair rods or purchase off-the-peg runner rods? Here we consider what to look for when making your choice as there is a noticeable difference.

Lancaster design quality stair rodscream runner, exposed wood staircase
Lancaster solid brass runner rod in antique brass tones with the rich wood of the staircase and enhances the loop-pile runner

Check out the diameter of rod

Most stair rods are made of a cylindrical tube with decorative end pieces (finials) either end and supplied with stair carpet rod holders (brackets). The diameter of that tube matters as it influences their overall visual impact.

The typical house staircase is between 800 and 900mm. For such staircases, a 12mm diameter rod is advisable to achieve a balanced look.  Much thinner and the stair rods risk looking “lost” and out of proportion to the staircase.  However, there are no strict rules and some staircases, particularly in old cottages or period town houses, can be less. For these widths a 9mm or 12mm diameter rod is suggested.

Quality stair rods require robust construction

If you consider the number of times feet go up and down a staircase, it makes sense to ensure the carpet rods are robustly made to ensure they do not easily dent. The finest, quality stair rods, such as the six different Premier designs, are manufactured from solid brass. They are finished in a choice of colours, including different brass looks, powder coated black and a variety of chromes.

If solid designs are outside your budget, then a good quality hollow rod is an option, such as the Vision and Country ranges. Providing these are made in a heavy gauge metal, they should perform well and stand the test of time.

Beware of some of the 9mm rods, as the thinner diameter and metal can cause the rods to bend when fitted over a quality stair runner and underlay.

Made-to-measure for a perfect fit

The length of the stair rod you need to order varies depending on:

  • the width of your carpet runner
  • the total width of your staircase
  • the design of carpet rod you have selected

Ideally, you want the brackets to butt neatly up against the sides of your carpet runner and for the rods to protrude through the brackets around 50mm either side, including the decorative ends (finials). Quality stair rods such as the solid Premier range and the hollow Vision and Country designs are made to the length you require them and therefore there is no compromise involved.

Meanwhile, the economy ranges such as Jubilee (9mm diameter rod) and Homepride (12mm diameter rod) are pre-made and supplied in four fixed lengths complete with the finials attached to the brackets. This means that you cut down the rod tubing to the appropriate size at the time of installation.

For more information about measuring up for stair rods please read this guide.

ball ended Jubilee carpet runners rods
These Jubilee rods can be cut-to-length at home

Hinged brackets for easy cleaning

It is worth checking out the design of the rod brackets, if you envisage cleaning your stair runner. Whilst vacuuming is straightforward, regardless of the bracket design, you will need to remove the carpet bar to wash your carpet. A hinged bracket, which opens by undoing one screw, allows you to easily remove each stair rod. Alternatively, the bracket is supplied in a fixed position and attached to the finials, in which case you would need to remove one of the brackets entirely on each step to remove the rod.

Therefore, if you are looking to enhance your staircase with a carpet runner and decorative stair rods, do check-out the quality and design before purchasing.

If you need further advice and to browse the attractive designs of stair rods available, please visit online specialist shop.

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