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Spruce up your flooring with chrome door threshold bars

Are you feeling your flooring looks a little tired? Updating dated and scuffed metal door threshold strips with quality-made, pristine chrome carpet thresholds can bring a complete new lease of life to your décor scheme without the expense of changing all your floorcoverings too.

Polished chrome door thresholds complement most colour schemes

Replace dented carpet bars with improved quality

You can still buy thin aluminium door bars for joining carpets from DIY sheds and they are often the default quality that fitters use in homes too. However, even with just normal foot traffic in a home these can easily get dented, scuffed and can soon lose their finish. First impressions do count and therefore replacing these with some good quality, current designs, made from solid brass with a high-quality, polished plated chrome finish will help transform the look of a room.

Complement metal fitting finishes

It is easy to make improvements to your home and over time inadvertently introduce different metal finishes. Nowadays, polished chrome is a popular metal finish for all sorts of fittings, including wall lights, stair rods, door and window handles. So, when replacing old door thresholds take the opportunity to complement other fittings in your home. For instance, the Premier range of solid brass door threshold bars are made of brass and then chrome-plated. The quality is excellent and you can choose from a polished or brushed chrome effect to match light fittings, bathroom taps, door hinges and the like.

Solve issues arising from different levels of flooring

For some the process of home improvements is continuous and can take years. When it comes to installing new flooring, this can create some issues. For instance, retrospectively installing underfloor heating, acoustic barriers and floor insulation all result in subfloors rising. The problems come when you then try and join your flooring to a room where the original floorboards are still the sub floor, resulting in a difference in height between the new floor levels. The resulting “make-do” floor joins can be quite ugly. Today, there are specialist door ramps and edge profiles available, such as the Premier Ramps, which resolve these issues.

Premier Door Ramp from Carpetrunners
The Door Ramp solves the age-old problem of different floor levels

Achieve a streamline look

Meanwhile, a tip from the interior design world is to introduce a more streamline look by being consistent in the style of door bar you use throughout the house. The idea is to pick a finish which works well with all the floorcoverings in your home. This looks particularly effective in connecting areas such as the hall or landing; when all the doors are open just seeing one finish of door bar does provide a sense of continuity and a professional feel. Chrome door threshold bars prove particularly versatile, regardless of the design or colour of your flooring, from wooden floor to a patterned carpet or LVT to porcelain tiles.

Retro fitting tips for chrome door threshold bars

Retro fitting flooring profiles is common; however, you do need to first check the practicalities. For example:

  • If you are thinking of moving the location of the new door bar, perhaps to better line up with the closed door, then do check you have enough flooring to fill in any gaps which may then arise.
  • Check if your flooring is floating as many woods, laminates and luxury vinyls are nowadays. This means they will expand and contract and any door bar needs to be chosen with this in mind to avoid visible movement joints.
  • It used to be popular for door thresholds to come in two parts with the visible top section clicking into the hidden base section. More typically used today in commercial installations rather than homes, when removed you may find the resulting gap needs filling before choosing an appropriate width of door bar to cover the gap.
  • If you have carpets, be aware that the Double Z option holds the carpet under tension and is integral to the carpet installation. If you choose a plate design instead, such as the Premier Posh or Cover, you will need to use gripper underneath to hold the carpet in place.

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