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Flooring T-Bars that Fill that Gap in your Floor

Sanity is in site! We have a new product available online called Little T and Big T. These flooring t-bars solve no end of join problems between different types of hard flooring.

The floor is often one of the last things to be completed when you’ve had building works done in your home. At this point, the end is in site but suddenly a whole heap of issues to do with the joins between different floor types can emerge.

Common questions from customers include:

  • My builder has just installed the new parquet floor in the hall but we’ve now got this gap between the wood and the tiles into the kitchen. How can I cover it up?
  • I really don’t like the look of the metal door bar my fitter has put down, what is the narrowest you do?
  • We’ve had a new conservatory built and the porcelain tiles have just gone down but they fall slightly short of the laminate floor in the living room, as the guy said it would look wrong to butt them up. Do you have something to fill the gap across the French doors?
  • Because of where my door hangs when closed, I just need a very slim door bar to sit underneath it, so that it doesn’t show in the hall. Do you have anything?

Little T and Big T door profiles

At last, the answer is “YES” – Little T and Big T have come to the rescue! They are what they say on the packet – a simple T bar profile – to use between hard floors such as laminate, tiles and wood.  They are great, providing your floor levels are the same, otherwise you’d need to look at the Door Ramps.

Premier Little T flooring t-bars
Little T and Big T are designed to fill gaps between hard floors

Two sizes of flooring T-bars

The Little T is just 14mm wide and the Big T is 25mm wide. Both have nice, rounded edges and are made of solid brass. So, they are nice and tough. They come in 10 finishes, including the new matt black.  And, what’s also important, they can be fitted right at the end, when your various builders and floor fitters are finishing up. Or, just simply buy online and solve that niggle for yourself. All you need is a bit of silicone adhesive popped into the gap between your hard floors.

Premier Trim, Little Lips t-bar, chrome

So, we like the Little T and its big brother Big T. Both are available on our shopping website and delivery is just a few days. we also offer an excellent selection of other door bars.

Rated 5-stars by customers