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10 Home Decor Ideas to Update Your Home (on a budget!)

Linda Parker, Freelance interiors writer and blogger, suggests 10 home decor ideas to update your home… on a budget.


The first of home decor ideas is so simple. A fresh coat of paint is quick, easy, needs no expensive equipment, and can be achieved in a single day. Transform the look of a room by adding a ‘feature wall’ in a bold colour, take a look at the latest colours from Crown, I’m particularly keen on Toffee Apple, Key Lime Pie and Lemon Squash from the new Kitchen range.


Not quite as easy as a coat of paint, but use a paste-the-wall product and it’s much easier. Papering just one wall, a pair of alcoves or two adjacent walls can give a magnificent new look – go for something bold and colourful to brighten up a neutral room. Try Wallpaper Direct for an extensive selection.

home decor ideas - Wallpaper Direct's wallpaper range
Selective use of wallpaper can transform a room, says Linda.


I’ve just bought some amazing drawer and cupboard knobs on eBay, a set of of six faceted glass knobs for just £5.99, which will make my utility cupboards look exceedingly glamorous (especially combined with the sparkly glass shade that throws all sorts of fragmented shadows throughout the room!). Just search ‘cupboard and drawer knobs’ on eBay.


Cushioned vinyl flooring comes in some amazing designs that look very realistic; some of the best are from the Stonemark range by Leoline. Allow around £25 per sq m, and remember it only takes between 3 and 4 sq m at the most for an average bathroom, and laying/installing it is a task a competent DIY-er should be able to manage.

home decor ideas - Lino flooring
Cushioned lino flooring offers amazing designs & is an easy DIY job


Painting those old, scuffed floor boards will give a new lease of life to a dreary room, is an easily manageable task – you’ll only need a day at the most. Look at the new range of floor paint from Mylands.

6. NEW VASES … I’m a great fan of boot-sales and charity shops, and there’s always a surplus of vases available; I’ve recently bought some eccentric pressed and coloured glass designs for between £3 and £5. They look great grouped together as a table centrepiece, filled with greenery and flowers from the garden, and always attract compliments from visitors. The cheaper, the quirkier and more random, the better!


Some of the best pendant lights I’ve seen recently cost hundreds of pounds, and sadly, are out of my budget. But I have managed to find some brilliant pendants and hanging shades, and most have been under £50. The best bargains were crackle glass cylinder shades, £10 each; they use halogen light bulbs (around £5 for three) and cast amazing shadows. Have a look at the ranges from B&Q and Dunelm. A striking new pendant shade with a bit of sparkle will definitely go a long way to giving the living, dining or bedrooms a bold new look.

home decor ideas - Pendant lights from M&S
These Marks & Spencer pendant light provide an instant style update


If your living room or bedroom is a tasteful vision in shades of taupe and pale grey, why not jazz it up with a statement rug? All the major homeware brands have affordable and colourful rugs available, with a budget of £50 to £100 you’ll be able to find something interesting. Look at the ‘pink’ range from Modern Rugs, very bright, contemporary and affordable.


Give a new look to the bathroom or cloakroom, or for a larger-scale project try adding window film to the bottom half of your sash/bay windows. Go for a classic ‘frosted’ look or try geometrics, swirls or design your own. I’ve just taken down the curtains inside a built-in glazed door wardrobe and replaced them with a frosted/geometric pattern film. It looks much cleaner and brighter now! Go to The Window Film Company here.


For the last of our home decor ideas, I may be slightly biased (!) but new flooring joints make a huge difference to an expanse of flooring. Don’t go with the basic-but-boring designs usually offered by carpet fitters; choose designs that match your door handles and cabinetry. My favourites are the Satin Nickel Joints door transition bars by Carpetrunners, naturally. They work really well with my brushed-nickel door furniture and hinges, and tone beautifully with the new oak flooring and stone-effect ceramic tiles and the neutral carpets. Don’t forget, every detail matters!

home decor ideas - Joints from Stairrods
Linda suggests our aluminium Joints for a smart but inexpensive way to join carpets

Linda Parker is a freelance writer & blogger: Period Homes & Interiors Magazine : KBB Magazine : :

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