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Discover carpet binding tape and enjoy making your own rugs and runners

Judging by the number of orders we receive for carpet binding tape, it ticks the box when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. Making their own rugs and runners has become a hobby for some customers, who report having successfully made their own turn to making them for friends and family.

Grey Dunn easybind carpet binding tape around checked rug on wood floor with basket

Reading the many reviews posted on our website for the Easybind carpet edging which we sell (58 at the last count and most 5 stars), successfully applying carpet binding tape seems to inspire a real sense of satisfaction.

Not only do customers appreciate the bespoke rugs and runners which they create for themselves but they report the actual process can be hugely enjoyable. In fact, some admit to having surprised themselves and feel pretty happy when they look at their finished handiwork.

Excellent demonstration video proves invaluable

Carpet binding is a project you do at home and requires few specialist tools other than a craft glue-gun to complete the upper edge once you have fixed the tape to the reverse with the self-adhesive strip. Most customers highly rate the application video which shows exactly how to stick the carpet binding to your carpet. You may also find this step-by-step practical guide useful for reference.

The self-adhesive application method of this particular carpet binding makes it so appealing as no sewing is required and the physical effort is limited.

Some of our favourite customer comments:

Being in my 70’s I was worried that it would be difficult for me, how wrong was I. With the help from the video I found it easy and the rug looks great.

One of the best products I’ve ever purchased, needed over rugs in the living area of our motor home, paper template, carpet cut, easy bind to finish, and you would think they had been made to measure buy a carpet supplier, brilliant!

Excellent item, finished off the raw edge of a carpet and it looks so professional, really impressed with this product, fair price, easy ordering and really fast delivery.

Made a really useful ‘T’ shaped rug for under my desk and it looks great!

When to use Easybind carpet binding tape

Customers tell us that they have used Easybind carpet binding on a myriad of projects including:

  • Protect the edge of a favourite Indian rug which had started to fray
  • Create a matching hall runner and door mat from off-cuts, to match a newly fitted stair carpet
  • Make an extra-large rug in an abnormal size not offered in ready-made rugs
  • Create a personal lounging area for the cat
  • Turn a large rug into two smaller ones
  • Create a stair carpet runner which their fitter then installed
  • Replace motorhome and caravan carpets with fresh ones cut and bound to a professional finish
  • Use on extra-thick carpet not suitable for sewing, to make rugs of any size or shape
  • Provide attractively edged, fitted carpets for the saloon in a yacht, designed to be easily lifted and cleaned
Cream stair runner edged with Easybind carpet binding on stairs with spindles

Find a colour option for most projects

Easybind is a twisted rope-like carpet binding which is sold in a choice of 38 colours. Some are plain colours others are two or three-tone whilst the deluxe option provides a special silken sheen finish. You can contrast or complement your carpet throughout the house, ordering more than one colour for different locations in the house.

Rated 5-stars by customers