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Choosing a carpet door strip – all you need to know in less than 3 minutes

Choosing a carpet door strip for the first time can be a bit daunting. They tend not to be something we shop for frequently and who knew there were so many options!  So, which carpet door bar is right for your specific situation?  Here we discuss the key questions customers ask and explain the fundamental things you need to consider.

We’ve hopefully kept this article brief (it takes less than 3 minutes to read) and easily understood, but if you have any queries please contact our team.

Carpet door strip joins beige carpets from hall to living room with fireplace
Upgrade the finish of your home with quality carpet door bars

Be clear on the basic functionality you need

First, you need to be clear what types of floorcovering you want to join in a doorway or across a room. The type of carpet door bar you need will vary depending on the specification of your floorcoverings. For instance, if you are joining carpet to carpet you need to know the thickness of both before deciding on the relevant door threshold. Likewise, if you are joining carpet in a living room to a hard floorcovering such as wood or porcelain tiles in your hall, you need to know the thickness of both.

Our online shop is set out to make choosing as straightforward as possible. Whilst there are lots of door threshold products available to purchase, you can easily narrow down your options by clicking on the appropriate sub-section of products based on your requirements.

For example:

  • Click on the option Join Carpet to Carpet and you will see suitable products for transitioning from one carpet to another. If you then look at the listed products in more detail, you will note that they vary depending on the thickness of your carpet.
  • Similarly, click on Join Carpet to Hard Floorcovering and you will see a different selection of carpet door strips, and so on.

Check the specification of the door strip meets your requirements

The product description on the website will provide all the specification information you will need to know, along with diagrams and product images. It is always worth scrolling down the product page to read these so as to be sure you are ordering the right product.

Z bar joining carpet to wooden floor in doorway, antique bronze
Carpet strips are available in a number of different specifications – shown here the Premier Z9

How does quality vary?

It is common to see carpet door thresholds which are dented, bent or scuffed. Typically, these will be made of low-grade metal and are what a fitter would use as standard when fitting a new carpet or floorcovering as they are a cheap option. In contrast, our customers are normally looking for quality, which is why we recommend and sell products made in high quality brass and which are designed to look good for years to come.

Therefore, when choosing carpet strips, do check the specification for the base metal.

Choose from ten different metal finishes to complement your décor

Having invested in smart new carpets, it seems a pity to spoil the effect with a shiny, ridged gold or silver carpet bar. Thankfully, there is an excellent choice of finishes available in the quality ranges. For instance, in the solid brass Premier range you can choose from polished chrome, brushed chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, pewter, black, antique bronze in addition to polished, satin or antique brass.

Therefore, you can choose a finish to tone in with your floorcoverings and complement your décor scheme, if you wish.

What to do if your floor levels are different

This is a common problem and there are a few solutions. For further detailed information, please read this article.

  • Introduce a ramp
  • Put a wedge under the carpet to raise it up to the level of the adjoining floor
  • Define the step with an L Angled trim and make it obvious to avoid a trip hazard
Diagram of how the compression ramp door bar works, carpet to hard floor
Ramp thresholds are a successful way to create a gentle incline instead of a step

Make sure you plan ahead

Most of our door threshold strips and door bars, including those for carpet, are finished to order and we deliver straight from the factory in around 4-5 days. Therefore, do plan ahead and allow enough time.

If you are using a fitter, it can be useful to check with them as to which carpet trim you need. Sharing a link from our website to the correct product is an easy way to do this.

If you intend to DIY-fit your carpet cover strips, then do check you have a nice sharp hack-saw to hand for cutting them to length. We also feature a few fitting videos on the relevant product pages, so do watch those where available.

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