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Find the right door bar for your flooring

When it comes to selecting a door bar to join the seam between flooring across a doorway or room, there is a wide choice. Similarly known as door thresholds, they come in a variety of designs, sizes and finishes and it is worth doing a little research before purchasing, as it is certainly not the case that one-size fits all.

At a minimum, they provide a neat and secure transition from one floorcovering to another, protecting the raw edges from premature wear and tear. However, there are specialist designs which do far more than provide a simple connecting join. Whether you want your door bar to solve issues caused by differences in your floor levels, cover an extra wide gap between your floorcovering, cater for underfloor heating or butt up against a French window, there are specialist door thresholds to suit.

Likewise, if you are looking for quality, there are some excellent options, such as the solid brass Premier range available in 10 metal finishes.

Posh door threshold in satin nickel strip between beige carpets from hall to sitting room
Door bars are both practical and a decorative enhancement

What are the main groups of door bars?

Join a carpet to another carpet

Those that join a carpet to carpet across a door way or room are one of the most popular carpet bar designs. Sometimes known as a double naplock or double Z bar, the options with needled base strips either side grip the underside of the carpet and hold it firmly in place and under tension. Check the thickness of your carpet and choose the appropriate one: Double Z4 (for thin, flat weaves), Double Z9 (for most standard thicknesses) and Double Z13 (for extra thick carpets).

Join a carpet to hard flooring such as wood or porcelain tiles

These floor transition strips join a carpet to a hard floorcovering and typically hold the carpet in situ and under tension on one side whilst neatly capping the exposed edge of the hard flooring on the other side. Typically, we are talking about hard types of floorcoverings such as wood, laminate, ceramic or porcelain tiles, rubber and the like.

Transition from a carpeted floor to vinyl

Certainly, the rise in popularity of vinyl flooring with the invention of luxury vinyl tiles and plans (LVT and LVP) has resulted in innovative designs of door bars to match:

  • Those designs known as “single door bars” feature a curved profile which provide a smooth transition from the top of the carpet pile down to the lower level of the LVT flooring.
  • Meanwhile, the Ali range of door thresholds features an area where you insert a strip of your LVT patterned floor into the door bar for a matching appearance.
ribbed carpet joined to vinyl wood look floor with bronze coloured door threshold
The curved edge Premier Single 9 joins carpet to vinyl

Join up two hard floorcoverings such as wood, laminate or ceramic tiles

Unlike when working with carpet alone, door threshold bars for hard floorcoverings often use a propriety adhesive system which fixes the strip across the two surfaces to be joined. The Premier Euro Floating is one of the most popular options and offers four different widths: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm. It likewise comes in 10 attractive metal finishes. Just check first if your flooring is porous or not. There are also T bars which fix between two hard surfaces provided neither are floating floors.

How to straddle across two floors which are not the same level with ramps

Key to working out which door threshold strip is the right one for your installation is understanding floor levels. When connecting two carpets with a door bar that attaches to the sub floor under the underlay, remember it will need to lie flat. Similarly, if you are connecting carpet to hard wood or stone. The choice of different ramps which create a gentle gradient from one floor level to another addresses a situation where the above is not possible. They prove particularly useful when retro-fitted underfloor heating has resulted in a step between a landing and a bathroom finished floor.

The catch-all universal designs that have widespread appeal

The Premier Posh and the Premier Cover appeal in their adaptability and quality. Designed to join all types of floorcovering, whether level with each other or not, they provide excellent “if in doubt” options when choosing door bars.

In conclusion, choose your door bars carefully or ask for expert advice if you are not sure what you need.

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