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Stair rods for winding staircases and spiral steps

Posted by Fay, on September 25, 2015. Tags: , , ,

For those home owners who own a staircase with a curved section or even a spiral staircase, there are two stair rod ranges which are designed to suit. The Blacksmith carpet rods are designed for stair runners and are supplied with universal styled brackets as standard, which makes them ideal stair rods for winding staircases […]

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Stairrod Brackets for Antique Carpet Rods

Posted by Fay, on September 14, 2012. Tags: , , ,

Stairrod brackets have a habit of miraculously disappearing! You remove your stair carpet runner bars to have your stair runner cleaned or replaced, and amazingly there is always at least one missing when you come to put them back in place… Likewise, it always seems to be the antique stair rod brackets that are missing […]

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