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Uneven Door Thresholds – Solutions to a Common Problem

Posted by Nick Acaster, on November 28, 2019. Tags: , ,

Uneven door thresholds are a common problem. When your builder has finished installing your smart, new bathroom, complete with underfloor heating, you may find your floor level is now higher than it used to be and you have a step up from your landing. Likewise, a similar issue arises when you decide to screed over […]

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How to Join Carpet to Tiles

Posted by Nick Acaster, on July 9, 2014. Tags: ,

A common question we are asked by customers is which internal door thresholds they should use to join carpet to tiles. The main concern is that the tiled floor is often higher than the carpet – a problem particularly prevalent in bathrooms where installation of underfloor heating can raise the tiled floor. The diagram below shows the […]

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Carpet Transition Strips Just Got Much Longer

Posted by Nick Acaster, on October 14, 2013. Tags: ,

Great news!  We can now supply extra long carpet transition strips at Carpetrunners.  Up until now, our Premier Door Bars and coordinating Cover Door Plate have just been available in 90 cm / 35 inch lengths but we now have them in a much longer and useful 270 cm, that’s 106”, or 8 feet 10 […]

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